Vol. 4, No. 10

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Contrabass-list Thu, 16 Oct 1997 Volume 1 : Number 10

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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 16:13:24 -0700
From: Craig Ruff
Subject: : Contrafest

Here is the text of what I was trying to send:

I'm considering attending the Contra Fest this January in Las Vegas. I'd like to see some other non-contra bassoon instruments show up too! I don't know that I'll attend all four days, but at least two of them.

Hopefully I'll have my contrabass clarinet in great shape by then. Anyone for a clarinet choir of low clarinets? Or a mixed ensemble of low instruments of all types? We've got to show those contra bassoonists a thing or two! :-)

Craig Ruff NCAR cruff@ncar.ucar.edu (303)
497-1211 P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307 Amateur Call KB0UNK

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 16:14:23 -0700
From: Stephen Del Rea: <srea@uaex.edu>
Subject: Trying out Bass Clarinets to Low C

Are there any other sources for Bass Clarinets to Low C besides Woodwinds & Brasswinds that I could go to try them out? W&B is in Indiana, and I'm in Arkansas, so, I'd like somewhere closer than that.

(I tried sending this to contrabass-list@contrabass.com, but got the following mail system error: "A message was not delivered because it would create a mail loop.")

Stephen Rea <srea@uaex.edu>

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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 16:19:00 -0700
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>


Apparently, we're still having a few problems with the mail/list system. It seems that when anyone posts to the list, it gets bounced several days later. Except for me: it looks like I can post to the list, but nobody else can. Not exactly what I had in mind....

You may have noticed that we're getting multiple digests per day also. As far as I can tell, the system can't even be configured to do that: maybe it is trying to catch up. Who knows?

Anyway, for the time being, until we get it sorted out, go ahead and send all the posts to me, and I'll forward them on to the list. There may be some delay for the rest of the week, as I'll be away from my office, and I'm not sure I'll be logging into this account while I'm out. But, next Monday, we should all be back on line.


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