Vol. 1, No. 36

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Vol. 1, No. 36

10 September 1996

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm back, obviously. Loaded up the minivan with wife and kids, and drove up to the Eastern Sierras (on the California - Nevada border), where my in-laws have a house (at Twin Lakes). This is just NE of Yosemite. Unfortunately, much of the forest fire smoke from the numerous California wildfires followed us up, so after a day there we turned around and spent the rest of the vacation at Bodega Bay. At this point, I'm just glad I can stop driving for a bit.

From: Francis Firth <Francis.Firth@uce.ac.uk>
Subject: Contrabass-L
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 96 12:27:00 BST


I've been on holiday for 4 weeks and am just catching up on various items. Someone back in July asked about the Russian bassoon. This is really an instrument in bassoon shape but played with a brass mouthpiece so a bit like an Ophicleide in shape but without all the keys and like a serpent in bore and out-of-tuneness (Arnold Myers will correct me on this if I'm wrong as I'm doing it from memory).

On the question of instruments descending below 30 Hz:
The octocontrabass (correct nomenclature please!) clarinet in B Flat was built in 1939 by Leblanc of France. It descends to (written) D (sounding low C) at c. 16.3 Hz.
Leblanc also built in the 1970s 3 Octocontralto clarinets in low E Flat descending to (written) C (sounding low E Flat) at c. 19 Hz. There is a picture of the octocontrabass on Grant's page and it is also illustrated in Jeremy Montague's Romantic and Modern Musical Instruments. There is a picture of the Octocontralto being played by Leon Leblanc hinself in an issue of Woodwind World from 1972. (I can check the page and issue details if anyone is interested.) Incidentally, Leblanc makes EEFlat Contraltos descending to their low C (sounding E Flat).

The subcontrabassoon mentioned by Guiness is indeed now considered to have a been a mistake caused by misunderstanding Czerveny's nomenclature. The next lowest is the contrabass sarrusophone descending to low B Flat, sounding A Flat and then the contrabassoon descending to low A (although I have seen a photograph of one with a low A Flat bell for greater resonance).

There are some details of monster tubas in Clifford Bevan's book: The Tuba Family. As far as I remember (and here Arnold Myers should correct me) the biggest was a Saxhorn Bourdon in BBB Flat (an octave below the standard B Flat Bass Tuba).

Daniel Kientzy does indeed own, and has also recorded on, a contrabass saxophone. See the discography for details.

That's all for now,
Francis Firth

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 10:35:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Philip Neuman <neuman@uofport.edu>
Subject: CDS


Here is everything we have:

and soon:

I knew someone years ago that had a gold plated straight F mezzo soprano saxophone by Conn. It played great and even though it was straight, the bell turned forward at the very end. Speaking of saxes, I know of a music store near us that has a saxello; I don't know if it is for sale, though.

Philip Neuman

Author: Francis Firth <Francis.Firth@uce.ac.uk>
Date: 8/29/96 2:36 PM
Subject: Octocontrabass Clarinet


while browsing around I've discovered a composition using the Octocontrabass clarinet!!! It's by Terje Lerstad and is Triosonata Op. 28 (1982) for subbass recorder, octocontrabass clarinet, bongos and harmonium. All I've got to do now is to write to him and find out whether he wrote it with a performance actually in mind.



Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 12:21:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Stryder <stryder@rupert.mhv.net>
Subject: Old instruments for sale (fwd)

in case you care was on tubaeuph list. (not really your thing, but maybe somone on the listserv would care) and i should have a listserv site (or majordomo) rather soon i think.

have fun

---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 14:26:50 EST
>From: Mark Jones <jonesmj@AFM.ORG>
>To: Multiple recipients of list TUBAEUPH <TUBAEUPH@CMSUVMB.BITNET>
>Subject: Old instruments for sale
> This ad was in the latest issue of the Historic Brass Journal
>which just came out
> For Sale:
> Ophicleide-9 key, coiled bocal, Bb, brass, with
>original wood box/case--made by Guichard----$3200.00
> Serpent-(repro)no keys--made by Harding--$600.00
>the seller is Paul Loucas of East Spring, CO
> e-mail: loucasp@aol.com
>Good Luck!
>Mark Jones


Always interested in new (or old?) horns! I may be less likely to buy an old brass horn, but still enjoy hearing about them. And, as you note, there are some brass players on the list here. Thanks.


Here's a somewhat unusual post:

In rec.music.early, Mickie Zekley <larkinam@larkinam.com> wrote:

>Manager Position Open For Our San Francisco Music Store
>Lark In The Morning sells unusual musical instruments from many
>cultures. Please check out our www site for more information about us:
> http://www.larkinam.com
>We are looking for the right person to manage our upcoming San
>Francisco store. Opening in 1997. This position requires:
>Computer Literacy (Especially Macintosh)
>Broad Musical Knowledge (Prefered)
>Sales Experience
>Managment Experience
>Good With People
>A Team Player
>This position is more than a job it is truly creative.

>Send Resumes (no email please) To:
>Lark In The Morning
>Mickie Zekley
>PO Box 1176
>Mendocino, CA 95460 USA
>Musically yours,
>Mickie Zekley
>Lark In The Morning World Musical Instruments, Books, Videos and Recordings
>Mail Order And Information: PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
>(707) 964-5569, Fax: (707) 964-1979
>New Seattle Retail Store (206) 623-3440
>1411 1st Ave and Union in the South Arcade next to Pike Place Market
>Mendocino Retail Store: 10460 Kasten St. Mendocino (707) 937-LARK
>LarkInfo: Instruments Sounds and Information FaxBack (707) 964-3762
>email: larkinam@larkinam.com
>WWW Catalog: http://www.larkinam.com

If you haven't checked out their web site, it is definitely worth a look.

Author: drumming man <lederman@inforamp.net>
Date: 9/6/96 9:13 AM
Subject: LeBlanc Contra Alto FS

Hi, Grant!

I'm doing some house renovations, and I already have a bass sax, so I may put up my LeBlanc Contra Alto for sale, if it's worth my while. Serial #172, wrap-around metal style, new hardshell case. Silver-plated keys, nice satin finish. $3200.00.

e-mail to : lederman@inforamp.net

Although now that I'm listening to a Dolphy CD, I really want to go up and play it!

"Mail Order Jazz" out of Georgia carried "ROLLINI SMALL GROUPS" on CD, on Village CDs out of Germany. Now they can't get anymore! Anybody know another source for these?

Anybody heard that van Östrom "Licks 'n' Brains" thing??


Sounds like a fair price, if you can stand to part with it. Posted here for the group's interest - I'm tapped out at the moment.

I've heard "Licks n' Brains". I think Francis has the details...


From: Jeff Sharp <kyrie@telepath.com>
Date: 9/1/96 7:15 PM
Subject: Change of address

Hi Grant,

Just wanting you to know that my address has changed to kyrie@telepath.com.

Yes, that's short for Kyrie Eleison, my fave movement of my fave piece, Mozart's Requiem. I'm changing my ISP, so I just thought it would be kewl to have an unusual username. BTW, I love the digest! It definitely makes my Best of the Internet List! :)

Jeff Sharp

Changes made. Glad you're enjoying the digests. Still surprises me how many contramaniacs there are around.


Another extract from the News:

>I saw and heard a Belgian player on a contrabass sax two years ago. He
>said he had it made especially. (At about $50.000)
>Sounded absolutely great! (Though not for too long at a time)
>Must be terrific to play! (Better than listening I guess)

Anyone know who the Belgian contra player might be?


And a little correspondence from the Wichita Band Instrument Co., new to the net. They have a few horns of interest to contramaniacs, so I'm forwarding this to the list:

Date: Sun, 08 Sep 96 12:24:21 -0700
From: Gary Ray <wbic@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>
Organization: WBIC

You found a Sarrusaphone? Congrats!
I sold one to a collector in England three years ago, have now been advised that he's tired of it and I'm off next week to buy it back from him. Yes, I already have a customer for it. Conn, EEb, original and not worn out (who would wear out a Sarrusaphone?). If you know of another that's available, let me know, please!
Also need in the wurst way:
Any Heckel bassoons
Any contras.
I've got a buddy who has a circa 1900 Heckel contra to sell, range to low C, original lacquer, original crook, original (very beat-up) case. Do you have any interest? I think he wants too much for it, but he's willing to negotiate.
Also have two BBb and one EEb LeBlanc metal contra clarinets + a fine Selmer 40 EEb contra clarinet in rosewood. All have been padded & cleaned by my shop: I have 9 repairmen who do quite good restoration work. Any interest in them, sale or trade or whatever?
Also have a friend in the NY area who has a Heckelphone to sell, but (again), I think he wants too much for it. He says $12,500. Any interest if I can convince him to reduce the price?
Best from Wichita,
Gary L. Ray

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