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22 September 1997

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm taking advantage of a momentary lull to compile another digest, and catch up on the archive versions (now uploaded).

Author: David A Neubauer
Date: 9/19/97 11:48 AM
Subject: Another question

Whoops, another question, a recent post mentioned VIGDER'S BASSOON SUPPLIES. Since I am not on-line (juno is e-mail only), how do I reach Scott (Vigder)?? Need some good contra reeds (have NO TIME or inclination to make my own).


Here's what I found on the web:  

Vigder's Bassoon Supplies
11746 Goshen Avenue, Apt #3
Los Angeles, California 90049-6113
(310) 231 - 0220
Please call 9am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time

Author: David A Neubauer
Date: 9/19/97 11:48 AM
Subject: I'm new

Couple of questions:

When is that Las Vegas get-together?

What are all the "=20" throughout the list? Thanks, Davie


Author: merlinw
Date: 9/19/97 11:23 AM
Subject: Contrabass discography

Grant, some addtions for the contrabass disc.

Contrabass Clarinet

Lenny Pickett with the Borneo Horns

Lenny plays CB Clar. on the nine minute "Solo for Saxophone and Tape" There is much use of slap tonguing, though it has an interesting "log drum" kind of sound. The horn is also played in the traditional manner. Carthage Records CGCD 7001 AD.

Bass Saxophone

Clancy's Clowns

This is an absolute must-have! 1920's tunes for five saxes with the bass featured prominently. Great big fat sound and lots of fun. Capitol LP (OOP)

Contrabass & Bass Saxophone

Bud Shank Meets the Saxophone Section. Arrangements by Bob Florence. Pacific Jazz LP (OOP)

...when I find the Lp's, I'll mail you some more low clarinet additions.

Also, when I was in my fave used CD store today, I saw a newer Susan Nigro CD, entitled "Small Pieces for the Big Bassoon." She plays encore-type material (Harlem Nocturne, the Pink Panther, etc.)



Author: PaulC135
Date: 9/20/97 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: Contra Digest, 2:59

Thanks Grant, Here is some more detailed information:

Many of you in these newsgroups have expressed interest in my always-in-production-but-never- released CD, Vintage Saxophones Revisited. I am pleased (and relieved) to say that it is finally out and available.

The CD is a lecture/tour of the early history of the saxophone with many unusual and rare examples. It concludes with the first recording of Henry Cowell's Hymn and Fuguing Tune #18 for soprano and contrabass saxophone. The 16 page booklet contains terrific photos of many of my instruments, including the contrabass, Conn-0-Sax, Grafton, F-mezzo and others.

Here are the contents, taken from the back of the CD jewel box.

Paul Cohen's

Vintage Saxophones Revisited

  1. Saxophones at the turn of the century
  2. Jean Moermans: Carnival of Venice (1902)
  3. Caryl Florio: Introduction, Theme and Variations (1879)

  4. Paul Cohen, alto saxophone/Oberlin Chamber Orchestra (excerpt)
  5. Jean Moermans: Duet with Flute and Alto Saxophone (1902)
  6. Eugene Coffin: Sea Flower Polka (1896)

  7. The Saxophone Comes of Age
  8. C soprano (music of David Noon)
  9. High Pitch vs Low Pitch
  10. The Roaring Twenties
  11. Eb Sopranino (music of Gershwin and Joelle Wallach)
  12. Curved Bb soprano (music of Lawson Lunde)
  13. Six Brown Brothers: That Moanin' Saxophone Rag/Rudy Wiedoeft: Walse Erica/You Forgot to Remember/Saxophobia (excerpt)
  14. Unusual saxophones from the 1920s Saxello /Royal Slide Saxophone/Buescher Straight Alto/F-Mezzo (music of Chris DeBlasio, Clarance Barber, Richard Lane)
  15. Conn-0-Sax (music of Calvin Hampton)

  16. Unusual saxophones after the 1920s
  17. Selmer Padless Alto (1940s)
  18. Grafton Plastic Alto (1950s)
  19. The Magnificence of the Contrabass Saxophone
  20. Henry Cowell: Hymn and Fuguing Tune #18 (premiere recording) Paul Cohen - soprano saxophone/Dan Gordon - contrabasssaxophone
ClaSSax Records #101


It is available right now through my company, To the Fore Publishers, and will be available at a later time through other saxophone companies. The cost is $16.00, plus $2.50 shipping and handling. If one orders the CD along with anything else from To the Fore Publishers, the shipping is free. For those interested in my past articles, I have a special of the CD and my PC's Topical Index for $21.00, including postage.

For orders, please make checks out to Paul Cohen, and send to 82 Copley Avenue, Teaneck, NJ 07666. Please feel free to e-mail me at PaulC135@aol.com with questions.

Author: EbHarpoon
Date: 9/20/97 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: Contra Digest, 2:59, EEb Contralto Clarinets

As a student contralto clarinet player, I am interested i finding out as much as possible about this instrument. I have yet to find any stores carrying price listings for it, or being able to buy reeds (when I can find them) without receiving strange looks. Any suggestions?


Apart from the discussions in the last few digests, there is some information on the contra page ( http://www.contrabass.com/pages/cbcl.html ).

For reeds, I'd go to the Woodwind & Brasswind - they seem to carry just about every kind of reed. I order my Bb contra reeds through them (Vandoren #3, generally).

Author: David A Neubauer
Date: 9/19/97 5:20 PM
Subject: Re: I'm new

Thanks for the answers. In Vegas till around New Years than on the road again performing, afraid as of now will have to miss it. Busy here in So Cal, 9 orchestras and one Big Band (on 'electrified' contra - playing the Bass Trombone part twice a week with a 20 to 30 piece BB), and other performing throughout the US (on road aprox. 120 days a year, 650+ performances).

Any luck on my other question (about Vigders)?


ps, can not visit online, juno is email only so can not check http

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997 14:09:04 -0400 (GDG) writes:

The 'Vegas festival is next January (5-8, I think). I think I've put something about it on the web, at http://www.contrabass.com/pages/contfest.html .

The "=20" arises from translation of the "carriage return/line feed" character between Windows and Unix, I think. I depends on how your mail ap (and mine) handle the character.


The dates are January 5-8, 1988, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark Trinko is the organizer, and has all the details. Essentially, the festival is concerts, exhibits, masterclasses, and festivities all relating to contrabass-range instruments.

The first festival, held last year, was contrabassoon-only. This year is open to all low end horns. I plan to bring my Eb contrabass sarrusophone, and possibly more.

Mark, care to add anything?



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