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20 June 1997

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Jim Katz

I like to save the Contrabass Digests in a file on my computer. Easy just by clicking, but the subject line is so long it gets truncated to <,Contrabass Digest, Vol 2, No>. This makes them all have the same title and I can't save 'em without changing. Could you use 2-49 instead of vol. 2, No. 49. or v2 #49 or some such?


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Jim Katz
292 Senneville Road, RR1
Senneville, Quebec
Canada, H9X 3L2


Michel Jolivet

Please add me to the list! I play bassoon, contrabassoon, and bass sarrusophone. Thanks. Michel Jolivet


Michel Jolivet

I would like to introduce myself to the list. My name is Michel Jolivet and I play bassoon, contrabassoon, and bass sarrusophone in the Seattle area. I own a Heckel contra #239 made in 1919 which goes to contra C and my bass sarrusophone was made by Triebert (it is currently undergoing a complete restoration from the ground up including a gorgeous new bocal - I hope to write an article for the Double Reed journal about it soon). I would love to hear from other sarrusophone players and compare notes.

Michel Jolivet

Who's doing your sarrusophone restoration? I'm particularly interested in the bocal, as the bocal on my Eb contra is a bit rough. The end of the bocal is actually ragged, and for some reason, the whole thing is curved to the right (i.e., the bocal doesn't lie flat). I don't know if the previous owner played it out of the side of his mouth or what.


Michel Jolivet

I have an LP entitled "Music for Low Clarinets" which features a sonatina for contrabass clarinet by William Schmidt and "Three Poems of William Blake" for soprano and solo low clarinet (alto, bass, contrabass) by Sharon Davis. It was put out by WIM Records. I also have an LP entitled The London Serpent Trio put out by Titanic (Ti-100) which has a photo of the trio on the back. To me they sound like ophicleides.

Lastly, I have an LP entitled "New Music For Woodwinds and Voice " which uses bass sax, conn-o-sax, and sarrusophone (sounds like contrabass to me but it isn't specified) The music is all atonal and perhaps aleatoric but the cover is cool, with a bass sax and the conn-o-sax!!!! It was put out by Arch Records (1750 Arch Records S-1785). As you can see, I am also a hard core fan of the low and bizarre!

I noticed in your discography you list the 1992 Frankfort performance of the sarrusophone sextet. I was actually in the audience. To my knowledge, the IDRS never produced a tape of the concert so if you have one I would LOVE to get a copy. I talked to Ron Klimko and he said the European conferences often don't release any tapes. If you have any questions about my entries for the discography let me know.

Michel Jolivet

Francis has information on where to order a tape. I'll email it separately (to avoid posting people's home addresses and telephone numbers).

The Arch records sounds like it might be one of the Roscoe Mitchell recordings: he used to play a lot of bass sax, with G. Oshita on Conn-O-Sax and sarrusophone (amongst other things).

Good suggestions!


Michel Jolivet

I noticed the bass flute spot is empty. The jazz suite for flute by Claude Bolling features a movement for bass flute and piano. My wife tells me that there are lots of bass flute solos so let us know if you need more info.

As far as the bass trumpet is concerned, there is the Janacek Symphonietta which uses bass trumpet and something like 7 trumpets in the first movement.

Just a matter of getting around to it ;-)

I'm not familiar with the Janacek: is the bass trumpet part prominent? Does it have any solos?



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