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13 June 1997


Things online have been a bit slow this week, as my office (where most of this list is administered) has been cut off from the internet (bad hardware) all week. But we're back, and Scott advises that his new server has arrived, and is being set up to take us back to automatic digests. (Hurah!)

In the meantime, this digest looks a bit odd because the messages have been retrieved at home, and forwarded to my office (where the email has just come back online). As a result, the headers are a bit munged.

Robert Howe replies (6/9/97):

>"By the way,what happened to the Wagnertuba in modern music??
>Mats Oljare(with an umlaut over the"o")"

If I find the reference I'll let you know.

Robert Howe

Syd Polk (6/10/97) replies:

Grant Green wrote:

>In all actuality, the reeds are probably not all that bad. There is a
>proper way to break in reeds for single reed instruments, and most people
>don't know. The breaking in process is ten times more important for lower
>instruments than for upper woodwinds as well; this is why you seem to find
>more 'bad' bass cl. or bari reeds than you do for Bb clar. or sop. sax.
>The larger a reed is, the easier it is for the reed to warp in storage.
>It is completely unavoidable before the break in process. Here's how to
>fix it:

I usually don't bother with the reeds that are warped out of the box, as I don't have a lot of time to mess with them. Also, if they warp between sessions, rubbing them on paper usually fixes the problem.


> Also...playing Jazz on a 2 strength??? On bass clarinet and bari
>sax, I use a 3 1/2 for jazz, 2 1/2 for everything else. I couldn't
>imagine trying to get a good jazz sound from Vandoren V16 (which is, IMO
>and our jazz profs, the best jazz reed out there) at only 2 or 2 1/2.
> Hopefully, this should save you some reeds...and a few bucks.

I have never had a tight embouchure at all. I play 3 on Eb and Bb clarinet, 2 on alto, bass and contra, 2.5 on my jazz bari, soprano, alto and tenor mouthpieces, and VanDoren 4 on my Selmer D on my bari for classical. To each his own.

Syd Polk

jazzman@rahul.net http://www.rahul.net/jazzman
"Let the music be your light." -- Dave Edwards, KUHF-FM, 1982

Auth: jcalhoun@richmond.infi.net (John Gardner)
Date: 6/10/97

I'd like to subscribe, and I'd particularly like to get information about buying a contrabass clarinet. Where, how much, when.

J. Calhoun Gardner

Auth: contrabassoon@geocities.com
Date: 6/13/97
Subj: contrabassoon


Hi! I wanted to let you know of a new Contrabassoon web page I've created. It's at:


Sounds will be up soon, and it has lots of info and pictures.

Please add me to your mailing list and add a link to my site from yours. I will do the same.

David DeJarnett

While the digest has been down, I've managed to find a few more interesting CDs.

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