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Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 13:27:06 -0500 (EST)

Contrabass-list Digest Volume 97 : Issue 11

Today's Topics:

Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 11:54:36 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
To: contrabass-list@contrabass.com
Subject: More CDs!


Had a few spare minutes after picking up my wife's car the other day, and stumbled across a CD store with a special section of progressive rock. I happen to like prog rock, so I spent a while browsing through.

One of the things I like most about prog rock is the often variant instrumentation used. I had heard of most of them through Gibraltar (the prog rock email list), but they are hard to find. Here's a few that I picked up (reviews will follow later, if warranted, after I listen to them):

Doctor Nerve , "Skin"
Greg Anderson - electric bass; Leo Ciesa - drums; Nick Didkovsky - guitars; Marc Wagnon - vibraphone, samples; Dave Douglas - trumpet, "baritone thing"; Yves Duboin - soprano sax; Rob Henke - trumpet; Michael Lytle - BASS and CONTRABASS clarinet
The Muffins , "Open City"
Dave Newhouse - piano, organ, soprano/alto/bari sax, bass clarinet, percussion; Tom Scott - alto/soprano sax, soprano/alto clarinet, oboe, flutes, percussion; Billy Swann - electric bass, guitar, percussion, vocals; Paul Sears - drums, percussion; with (on a couple tracks); Fred Frith - guitar, piano; and Mark Hollander - alto sax.
Curlew , "A Beautiful Western Saddle"
Pippin Barnett - drums; Ann Rupel - bass; George Cartwright - alto/tenor sax; Tom Cora - cello; Davey Williams - guitar; Amy Denio - vocals.
Gryphon , "Gryphon"
Brian Gulland - bassoon, crumhorns, recorders, keyboards, vocals; Richard Harvey - recorders, crumhorns, keyboards, guitar, mandolin; David Oberle - drums, percussion, vocals; Grame Taylor - guitars, keyboards, recoders, vocals..

So far, I've managed to listen to the Dr. Nerve CD. If you like groups like King Crimon (I do!), this may appeal to you. I haven't listened to it carefully enough to pick out the contrabass clarinet parts yet: I'll let you know ;-)


Date: Fri, 04 Apr 1997 10:31:24 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
To: contrabass-list@contrabass.com
Subject: Contrabassoon Duets!

Guess what? Donald Erb's "Five Red Hot Duets" for two contrabassoons is available on CD. The CD is Donald Erb "Chamber Music", (1993, Albany Records, Troy 092). Track listing:

The liner notes quote Donald Erb:

"I had promised my friends Gregg Henegar and Bradford Buckley to someday write contrabassoon duets. I decided to take some of my time to see if that project would work, and the result was the Five Red Hot Duets. The duets are five character pieces for two instruments that rarely appear on chamber music concerts. I can say with a fair degree of certainty that these duets may be the best duets ever written for two contrabassoons - in fact they may be the only duets for this combination."

I found the CD through Tower Online ( www.towerrecords.com ). A must for all contrabassoon fans.


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