Vol. 2, No. 4


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Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 14:07:57 -0500 (EST)

contrabass-list Digest Volume 97 : Issue 4

Today's Topics:

Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 14:05:08 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
To: KUUP84A@prodigy.com (MR MARK A TRINKO)
Cc: contrabass-list@contrabass.com
Subject: Re: Contra instruments on airplane

Hi Mark,

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At 12:19 AM 3/22/97 -0500, you wrote:

>-- [ From: Mark Trinko * EMC.Ver #2.5.3 ] --

>Let's talk about transporting your contr-whatever on the plane to the
>contra-fest in January 1998 to Las vegas.

>Since I used to work for America Wet and am now a travel agent, guess I
>can give you advice as best as anyone.

>Last year when we coordinated a special rate on America West I got them
>to waive the excess baggage charge. I will probably negotiate the same
>deal with them again. It will be in the registration package we hand
>out in Evanston.

>Don't check your instrument at the ticket counter or on the curb! Hand
>carry it to the gate. From this point you have 2 choices. GATE CHECK
>it and watch the rampers hand carry it to the belly of the plane. If
>you do this, buy extra insurance for $1.00/hundred up to the maximum.

>Other choice is to purchase what they call a baggage seat. This will
>allow your instrument to travel strapped into the seat next to you on
>the plane. Some carriers charge 1/2 price for baggage seats.

>For those of you who need additional help in thee preparations, you can
>call me at 800-270-2616.

>By the way, Grant, I am sorry but accidentally deleted the last digest
>that had the new instructions for this list. Could you send it to me
>again please?


Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:05:42 -0800
From: Grant Green <gdgreen@contrabass.com>
To: contrabass-list@contrabass.com
Subject: Sarrusophones!


Just a note regarding the sarrusophone range. I had a few minutes over the weekend to try out the sarrusophone fingering chart that Jack Silver sent me (thanks again, Jack!) a while back. Am happy to report that the Eb contra will play easily up to the high G (an octave above the treble staff, as written), or in concert pitch, the Bb just below middle C. The trick turns out to be playing the pitches above high D by fingering the pitch a fifth lower while using the lower octave key. In other (hopefully clearer) words...

Let's say that "U" = the top octave key, and "L" = the lower octave key. Neither octave key is used for the lowest octave (Bb-B-C...c-c#). L is used for d-g, and U for g#-c#'. The high d' can be played by fingering c' or c#' and adding the RT key or one of the RH1 keys. Altissimo d#' is fingered like g#, but with L instead of U; e' is fingered like "a" but with L, etc.


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