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Vol. 1, No. 11 29 June 1996

From: groover@netcom.com (Robert Groover)

Subject: Re: Contrabass-L

To: gdgreen@crl.com (Grant Green)

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 14:56:19 -0700 (PDT)

I've heard that there is (or was) a quite active organization for tuba enthusiasts, called T.U.B.A. (tubist's united brotherhood association, haw haw haw) - anybody got contact information for them? Also, there is at least one working BBBb tuba, which was supposedly played at a Yale Band concert a year or two ago (according to an article in the Yale Alumni magazine) - if I remember rightly this was NOT the one which used to be in the Schirmer store in NY, but a twin to that. (and BTW what did happen to Schirmer's window tuba? Any New Yorkers or tuba players here?)

Robert Groover


(PGP key on request)

Member ECS, AVS, ACM, OSA,

Sen.Mem.IEEE, Reg'd Patent Atty

"All men by nature desire knowledge."

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 1996 15:55:57 -0400 (EDT)

From: Stryder <stryder@rupert.mhv.net>

Subject: contrbass -l

Anyway, as i've seen from what other people have posted, i guess i'll do the thing, and introduce myself. I'm 16, and just finished my sophomore in high school, I play brass instruments, but i stick to the low ones. I've played tuba for 5 years, and about 3 months ago i bought a used bass trombone off the net. I'm planning on doubling on that in the future, in hopes of making more money than i could playing tuba. I hope to go to college, and double major in tuba performance, and some science, (haven't decided yet, maybe biochem) then i'll have a backup in case i can't make enough in either profession for my taste. As for this list, i realize that brass instruments aren't a major thing on here, but i'm not complaning, i'm already on the tubaeuph and trombone-l mailing lists, which create enough relative mail. i just like broadening my horizons, and finding out about instruments that i had never heard about. if i can do this by reading a digest a day, i'm happy. i alos spend alot of time hanging out on the net, (i'm sorta a net addict) and i do things with computers, drama, and a bit of yearbook, (with computers) I don't plan on being a major poster of this list, but i'll read the digest when i get it. I will admit that if i hadn't chosen tuba, i would have played the bassoon, and possibly the contra basson, but my school doesn't have a contra. i plan on getting a contrabass trombone as soon as i get a better tuba, (i now play a BBb one, i'll probably switch to CC in college) and a double valve bass trombone, so it's on my list, but otheriwse i'm kinda "normal" in my playing of bass range instruments, but i must admit i can't read treble clef, just playing tuba and recently bass bone, i never learned it, and maybe i will in the future, not one of my goals though. I hope to continue to learn things, and kinda wonder at grant's discussion of sarussophone fingerings, when i have no clue what he's talking about, but i guess i'll deal with that, and gain what i can. i also have a bad habit of not using the shift key for much, so i tend to type messages all in lower case, if anyone has a serious problem with that maybe they can email me, and i'll forward messages to them, and they can capitalize everything, before it goes on the list. Thanks for the info i've gotten from reading the 9 digests, and what is to come, now i can go and impress my friends, who thought that the acient bass sax the school owns, is the biggest sax around.

Alan Solomon


(ohh grant, i'm looking into somewhere for the list to get automated, but i'm not having much luck, since my brother, the local net info person, can be very unhelpful)

Yep, siblings can be like that... But I'll really appreciate automating the list. And that way, subscribers can talk more readily to each other, without waiting for me to post all the messages.

Did I mention that I played bass bone at one point? At the end of my junior year of high school, the band director realized that all of his trombone players were either (1) football players (and thus wouldn't be marching in the band), or (2) had knee injuries which prevented them from marching. In desperation, he drafted everyone he could think of, including me. I took the school's bass bone home for the summer and learned to play. Then, just before school started, we moved to California. A few years later, I ended up playing trombone in the pep band at Mudd (actually the combined Harvey Mudd College/Claremont Men's College team). My only other choices at the time were clarinet and flute: you can make a lot more noise (in a more satisfying register) with a trombone. Also gave me the opportunity to play tromboon (trombone with a bassoon reed and bocal instead of mpc), which we used to call dorm meetings to order.

Re: fingerings

LH = left hand, LH1 = left index finger, LH4 = left hand little finger, LT = left thumb, etc. RH = right hand. When you play woodwinds, you get to recognize nomenclature like that fairly often.




Good luck on the reeds!!

Thanks EVER so much for including me on your mailing list--you're on my web page as my favorite site!!

;-} Alan


Hope to hear from you soon!

Alan Mandel



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