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Volume 1, No. 1 13 June 1996

Hello! Welcome!

This is the first issue of the Contrabass-L list, so I'll start things off with a brief statement of the list operation, and then a personal introduction.


Currently, the list will operate solely in "digest format." This is because I haven't yet found an appropriate bit of software to automate the process. Here's how it will work: send the messages to me (at gdgreen@crl.com), with "CONTRA" (or something fairly similar) in the Subject line, and I'll paste the messages into one digest on an approximately daily basis. I'll email the digests out to all subscribers, probably as cc: or bcc:. If someone sends SPAM, it will mysteriously disappear before it reaches the digest. I think we all know what "spam" is, but let us also add any form of petition (e.g., the "Save Bert & Ernie" petition that just hit the clarinet and flute lists). If you want to circulate a petition, fine: just don't send it to the list.

I don't like censorship, and don't plan to do any. All typos, misguided statements, flames, etc., will get pasted in "as is" (unless you change your mind, and email me a request to retract your statement before it hits the digest). I don't expect many (if any) flames, but they always seem to happen eventually. If someone seems to be flaming repeatedly just for the sake of disrupting discussions, I reserve the right to remove them from the subscription list.


There is already a list for bass guitar/string bass (The Bottom Line), so I would rather we focus primarily on winds. Not that I would object to discussion of anything in that frequency range, but let's try to concentrate on woodwinds and brass.

Please feel free to offer comments, criticisms, and helpful hints regarding the operation/maintenance/whatever of the list. This is my first time out, and I'm open to suggestions. For example, can anyone think of a better name for the list?


I think it's a good idea to start off with an introduction: people like to have an idea of who they're talking to. I invite everyone to send their own intros, to inaugurate the list.

By day, I'm a patent attorney. I specialize in biotech and pharmaceutical patents, and work "in-house" for Chiron Corp., one of the larger biotech companies. I live in the San Francisco Bay area, and have three musically-inclined daughters, and a wife who thinks I already have way too many instruments.

Whenever possible, I like to play music. I currently play bari sax/bass clarinet/flutes in a "big band" jazz ensemble. I've played bassoon in a number of orchestras and pit orchestras, including the Marin Symphony (ok, once), the Pomona College Symphony, and the Kansas City Youth Symphony (where I also played contra). I was fascinated with the bass clarinet as soon as I encountered one (in junior high school). After a year on clarinet, I played the bass clarinet for a year. Then, the band director (who was a bassoonist) hooked me on bassoon, which I've played ever since. I've been obsessed with bass (and lower) instruments since that first encounter.

I've played a bass sax only once (for an aborted saxophone choir), and contrabassoon for the KCYS for two concerts (we played Brahm's First, the Planets, and Russlan & Ludmilla). You've all seen the web page, so you know what I have now. I demonstrated the horns (both modern and Renaissance) to my daughter's class this week, and it took about 20 minutes just to assemble everything and put them on stands.

OK, who's next?

I found an ad for a bass sax on Usenet, and inquired. The reply:

>Dear Grant:
>Yes it comes with a case and mouthpiece(although the case is a
>bit taped up). The horn is in great shape, no dings or dents,
>silver, serial number around 188000. I'm not sure about the
>tuning! That's a good question (I've only played it a few times).
>I bought it off a repairman who gave it a complete overhaul (all
>new pads). So , I'm looking for $8000. Let me know if you're
>interested. Rich

>rapu @ io.org Richard Underhill Shuffle Demons

$8K is a bit much for me (or at least for my wife), so its fair game for anyone who's interested....

And also an ad for an EEb contra-alto clarinet:

>The Eb contra is a plastic straight (like a tall bass clar.)
>and is like new. I' had it checked out adjusted by a repair
>tech. As too the low written note I have no idea. I am a brass
>player and am handling this for my sister from another state.

>Any other questions, no problem.

>Jack Carter


Again, fair game for anyone interested....

End Contrabass-L

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