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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:10:11 -0700
From: Grant Green
Subject: [CB] Heckelphone FS

For anyone who hadn't noticed (and who has about $20K to spend), Peter Hurd's beautiful heckelphone (#4963) is currently on ebay at .



Grant Green          
Sarrusophones & other Contrabass Winds


Subject: RE: [CB] [CB Digest]
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:01:30 -0600
From: "Bryan Bingham"

It may make sense, but I think it is a form of theft, unless the museum compensates the winning bidder for their time spent, travel expenses, etc. or if the museum paid a tax-free commission based on the sale price to the winner.

I think this system is unfair to the sellers - if it becomes known that a museum will by buying instead of the winning bidder, who would bid? The museum of course, and then it get things cheaper than the fair market value.

-----Original Message-----

I suppose it makes sense, in terms of keeping a country's heritage within the country and available for view, but it must be extremely frustrating for someone to win an auction, only to lose the item to someone who does not need to bid at all (and can't be overbid).  Well, at least we know where the sopranino sarrusophone will be...


Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 22:49:15 GMT
Subject: [CB] Experience 2 Hz
From: go_oaw

Last night while falling asleep it struck me that we have all experienced really low frequencies.

Your favorite automobile with one front window open is a Helmholtz resonator with a volume around 100 cu ft and a hole around 4 sq. feet and an air stream between 0 and 100 ft/sec just outside.  I have not done the calculations, but my observation is that at moderate speeds you get an unplesant periodic pressure variation somewhere between 1 and 5 Hz.

I am sure we have all encountered this phenominon. Next time pay attention.    Oscar


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