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Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 23:10:14 -0700
From: jim & joyce
Subject: Re: [CB] contra sculptures

I don't know of any wind sculptures.  (Or anyway, I am drawing a blank.)  However, there is an old torpedo factory in Alexandria, VA. that has been divided into many artist studios.  I have not been there in a while, but 20 years ago one of the artists called himself Monk and did all sorts of metal sculpture.  The one that I loved was a 'land buoy'. Basically, it was a somewhat rounded, four sided object that was four feet high and made out of quarter inch steel.  The bottom was enough rounded so that the whole thing could swing back and forth.  I believe that there was a large steel ball rolling inside the affair.  It made low, grinding noises punctuated with clanks when the steel ball ran into the side.  It was musical in the same way that surf is musical and really did make one think of a buoy. 

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