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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 01:07:33 -0400
From: Farfl
Subject: [CB] Blue Man Group

Grant Green wrote:
>The Blue Man Group website has pictures and sound clips for a number of
>these instruments - see

I'm still a little bitter about The Blue Man Group !  I was told by their Casting Director that I seemed like a perfect candidate for an audition....until she found out I was only 5'9".....apparently, their minimum height requirement is 5'10" exceptions!   I thought she was joking initially......I guess size really DOES matter!
Best Regards,
Steven "Am I Blue?" Lederman


From: "Jay and Adrienne Easton"
Subject: [CB] New woodwind resource
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:23:14 -0700


This is just a little note to announce the new-and-improved !

Primarily dedicated to increasing people's awareness of the saxophone family, this site serves as an online museum of woodwind instruments and their history (with photos and almost 100 Mp3 sound clip demos.) It is also a resource for composers and performers, and a notice-board about my current musical activities.  Currently under development is a "resources" section for student saxophonists, with suggested repertoire, study materials, and equipment for the entire saxophone family.

The galleries feature many new photos and sounds of unusual instruments, including a bevy of ethnic and historical woodwinds from around the world, and pages dedicated to the bass and contrabass saxophones .

The site has undergone a considerable overhaul in the past few weeks,  so if you haven't visited in a while, there's plenty of new places to explore and sounds to hear!  Please feel free to forward this to friends and students who might be interested.

Best regards,

Jay C. Easton
Instructor of Saxophone,
San Diego State University
Instructor of Clarinet,
University of San Diego

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