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From: LeliaLoban
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 07:57:09 EDT
Subject: [CB] 64' PVC contra clarinet completed

Gregg Bailey wrote,
>>This 20 year-old contrabassomaniac has
>>finally completed his project desire to cause
>>a contrabass clarinet reed to vibrate down to
>>4 Hz using PVC tubing!!! >>

What a fascinating project--and thanks for taking the trouble to describe it in such detail.  I gather that you're making this beastie do the clarinet trick of vibrating like a stopped pipe, at double the length of the actual pipe.  How are you measuring that you got 4 Hz out of it?

I'm curious about that because organ pipes, for instance, are only nominally 32 ft., 64 ft. or whatever to produce the indicated pitches.  The extra-long sub-bass ones can need to be "off" by several feet to tune properly, because the diameter of the pipe and
the structure of the footing, mouth, stopper if any, etc., affect the frequency at which the tone actually vibrates.

You mentioned in passing that the thing looks a bit like a radiatior.  I wonder, is there any practical way to play a real radiator?  I can just imagine Peter Schickele doing something like that!

By the way, I should probably mention here (as I'm having to do everywhere, alas) that I recently discovered that, for reasons unknown, AOhelL is blocking all my e-mail from subscribers.   (I get this list in Digest form, though, so I do see the Contrabass messages from Yahoo subscribers.)  I've sent multiple complaints but nothing comes back from AOL except multiple copies of the same irrelevant FAQ, followed by a survey asking me if I'm satisfied with the answer!  !@#$%^&*!  I don't kill-file
anybody except spammers, and I don't have anybody on this list kill-filed; so if you try to write to me and get one of these rude little notes back saying that I'm not accepting your mail, it isn't coming from me.  Very sorry if this has happened to anyone here.


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