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Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 10:02:36 -0700
From: Grant Green
Subject: [CB] CD Review

My copy of Allen Savedoff's " Contradiction " (2002 Capstone Records , CPS8696) finally arrived.  This is a pretty tongue-in-cheek CD, with a mainly jazz feel.  Many of the tracks include other instruments (saxes, guitars, tuba), and nearly all have at least piano and percussion.  Two of the tracks are accompanied by orchestra ("Brazil" and "When I Fall In Love").  "Summertime" is scored for 4 bassoons and 2 contras (along with percussion).  "Rumble" includes contrabassoon , tuba (Jim Self), outboard motor, as well as AS on Bb contrabass clarinet and bass sax .

Some day, I hope to do something similar with sarrusophone... ;-)



Grant Green          
Sarrusophones & other Contrabass Winds

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