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From: MVinquist
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 20:33:51 EST
Subject: [CB] Bass Flutes

I'm not a flute specialist, but the best bass flute I've played was made by
George Opperman.  I'm told that no one who gets one ever sells it.

Ken Shaw

From: "linda shum"
Subject: Re: [CB] Bass Flutes
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 22:21:25 -0800

This group is really great and helpful. I have never heard of Opperman
Basses but I will see if I can find one to try. Do you know where I can go
to try it?

I need to have a bass to play with my flute choir group for the next few
months. We are playing at the San Francisco Planetarium soon and have 2
basses (including me) and 3 altos out of 20 flutes. We need the low end to
balance the group and besides I love playing the bass parts so I can listen
and enjoy the music instead of stressing out playing the higher parts!! And
it is improving my sense of rythm which I was weak in before.

Last Thursday I was able to find and am trying a used altus bass that needs
some minor repair but plays well. Does this group think $5K is too much for
a 3 year old Altus Bass? I can use it for now and search for the Opperman or
Kingma in the meantime. Does the group think I would be able to sell the
Altus later and get my money back out of it?

I have never seen a used Altus on the market before so I can't find any
history or precendents.


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