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From: Clarinetmama
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 19:48:12 EST
Subject: [CB] reeds

I found the contra reeds in question.  To the gentlemen who were interested I
have something like 40 reeds.  How many do each of you want at a price of 2
dollars a piece?  plus s and h of 2 dollars. There should be enough for both
of you.  They are 3.5 in strength which I consider a medium to medium hard,
definitely not hard reeds.  I have had great luck with them in the bass
clarinet "model"

Going once, going twice.....



Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 17:05:49 -0800
From: Grant Green
Subject: Re: [CB] contra mpc

>How do you recognise the old mouthpiece versus newer? mine says "G Leblanc
>Paris" with no part number. It's faded below the cap. The instrument is Dec
>1970. Rico works OK, though I'm still fighting squawks. Rico reeds are 19mm
>at the tip and 17mm at the base, 86mm long. The mouthpiece looks to me as if
>it would prefer 1mm wider.
>John Kilpatrick - Sheffield

As far as I can tell, the older mpcs were made for a wider reed.  The
mpc that came with my first contra (pre-1950) had a very wide lay.  A
Vandoren reed would play on it, but it wouldn't reach all the way to
the edge on both sides.  On the modern mpc, the reed reach both outer
edges of the lay.  I found that a modern mpc worked much better than
the original mpc.


Grant Green
Sarrusophones, contrabass reeds, &
other brobdignagian acoustic exotica   

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 08:33:30 -0500
From: "John Webster"
Subject: Re: [CB] reeds

i'll take 5 and try them, Contact me to exchange addresses.  John


Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 08:44:27 -0500
From: "John Webster"
Subject: Re: [CB] reeds

Follow up to my last post.  3.5 is what I normally use on Soprano and Bass,  (I've never been able to use a really hard reed). but the little Leblanc booklet that  came with the Contra stressed the need to use soft reed to produce the low notes.   They supplied one Marcha  #1 reed. Way too soft for me.  I am currently use 21/2 Ricos with some success. and also #3 barrie reeds.   The 31/2 will probably be a bit hard.  My question to Roger (our resident Guru) and others is  ? does the Leblanc recommendation seem correct?  What strength do others use on Contra, in comparison to the strength they use on Bass and Soprano?  John


From: "Peter Hurd"
Subject: Fw: Hph Club
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:54:41 -0800

I am hoping that with the second article on Heckelphone that the Heckelphone club will have more traffic.
I will likely write a third article on Heckelphone keywork systems, keywork anomalies, bell types, wall types, and statistics on known (extant) Heckelphones worldwide (how many in Museums, Symphony orchestras/opera companies,instruments owned by Heckel, and in private hands). Example; Japan: Museums: 1 Heckelphone (model 36b, to low Bb), 1 Heckelphone (model 36b, to low A), Private collection: 1 Heckelphone (likely model 36b), Dealers: 1 Heckelphone (new, model 36 voll cons). Total 4 Heckelphones. My semi-educated guess is that only about 35 instruments world wide are in private hands. A grand total of "known" Heckelphones will likely be c. 70-75. One piccolo Heckelphone in private hands, one in Leipzig Museum, 2 at Heckel.
       I would welcome opinions from the CB Digest subscribers about the Heckel bassoon for auction on Ebay at present (serial number alleged to be #7500).
Cheers,  Peter


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