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From: LeliaLoban
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 08:45:04 EST
Subject: [CB] Sudbury and nickel

>Yes, the Sudbury smokestack is the world's largest, a quarter-mile tall.
>For more information on the nickel-toxicity situation there, go to
> and enter:     sudbury smokestack

The world's tallest smokestack lacks that certain je ne sais qua as the
ideal tourist magnet, doesn't it?  However, maybe it's worth noting (though
my cat might disagree with me about this) that wind instruments, even large
basso profundo bellowers (assuming they're not posessed by demons, etc.)
don't normally emit toxic smoke.  I think that most people with the skin
allergy to touching nickel probably already know they've got it, from
handling coins and other common objects, before they need to choose key

Maybe not, though.  In high school, I met a young violin student diagnosed
with hysterical blindness.  He turned out not to be hysterical at all:  From
diligent practicing and constant exposure, he had developed a violent
sensitivity to the rosin he used on his bow.
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