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From: "Peter Boris Koval"
Subject: Re: [CB]  Ab Clarinet
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 09:25:45 -0200

> Leblanc makes a Boehm system Ab, but I've tried one and haven't been able to
> get my fingers on it.  My hands are big, but my fingers are medium width.
> One of the books -- Baines or Rendall, I think -- notes this and says the
> instruments are made with "simple system" fingering for that reason.

I have a Leblanc Ab sopranino clarinet. It has the regular fingering of the
Boehm system, i.e. just like the normal Bb clarinet. Differences are in the
layout of some tone holes, which are pushed over to the sides in relation to
the main left hand and right hand stacks, and a one-piece body (plus bell,
tuning barrel and mouthpiece).
The instrument is quite playable (with smallish fingers), but requires a
strong embouchure to not blow flat.
Peter Koval

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