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From: "Peter Hurd"
Subject: [CB] Octavin on Ebay
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 16:46:12 -0800

Dear Grant and fellow bass-o-philes,
        I have today had  a long conversation (almost an hour) with the collector in Germany who has been listing the Sarrusaphones, Octavin, Heckelphone, contrabass clarinet, Heckel bassoon, etcetera on Ebay.  I have arranged to purchase the Heckelphone.  I am convinced that he is a most serious and diligent collector !  We discussed at great length the Octavin which has had on Ebay. He will likely relist this soon, with extensive photographs. The Octavin he has is STRAIGHT !!! This truly may be a "rara avis", and well worth looking into when it re-appears. This is one of those instruments which may be in the same class as the piccolo Heckelphone.

I  recently received an e-mail from Edith Reiter at Heckel who stated that of the piccolo Heckelphones assigned serial numbers (all of them), five were destroyed  during experimentation "in house" according to her father's notes.  Two "production" piccolo Heckelphones reside in the Heckel museum. This computes that probably less than ten instruments were sold on the open market (!).
With absolutely best wishes,   Peter Hurd

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