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From: "Rudy Zulkarnaen"
Subject: [CB] Hi....
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 08:47:43 +0700

hi... I'm Rudy from Indonesia. I'm new in this list. I'm also a beginning upright bass player (I'm a converso from electric bass). I hope my involvment in this list will help my development in my playing



Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 22:54:03 -0500
From: jim & joyce
Subject: Re: [CB] [CB Digest]

I also asked a few questions about the Sarrusextet and got the following answer:

>sorry ,no polaroids,but look like standard sarrusophones, a set of six(6)means soprano to contrabass Bb and Eb alternately,they
>were never played,because they are prototypes questions? call germany +49 172 250 05 78

One question was whether they were high pitch or low pitch.

General question for List:  Does anyone know if prototypes tend to be good instruments?  My assumption that one purpose of a prototype is to work out bugs, which may mean moving things around a bit.   Is any of this likely to have a bearing on how well the horns work or how long they would last?   Do production runs reproduce the prototypes or are there likely differences?  Are many horns in collections actually identified as having been prototypes?  Such an unusual think to (presumably) know about such old instruments.


From: "Monica Fucci"
Subject: [CB] RV: Monica Fucci Bassoon Recital
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 15:31:23 -0300

Dear Listmates,

Today Saturday 10 November  at 18 hs. we will offer a recital paying homage to VERDI in his 100=BA death anniversary, at Margarita Xirgu Theatre in Buenos Aires.
The concert is organized by  Opera House of Buenos Aires, directed by the great argentine soprano ADELAIDA NEGRI.
The program will be as follows:

VERDI - 6 Romanzes for soprano and piano
               Eleonora Noga Alberti, soprano
              Alfredo Corral, Piano

VERDI/LOVREGLIO - Fantasia on "La Traviata"
                Monica FUCCI, Bassoon
                Hae Yeon Kim,Piano.

F.LISZT - Paraphrase on "Rigoletto"
                 Alfredo Corral, piano

VERDI- Ave Maria from "Otello"
            Addio del Passato from "Traviata"
           Oh, ma ch=E8re compagne from "Don Carlos"
            Eleonora Noga Alberti, soprano
            Alfredo Corral, piano

L.ORSELLI - Fantasia on "Un Ballo in Maschera"
                    Monica Fucci, bassoon
                    Hae Yeon Kim, piano

VERDI  - "Morró, ma prima in grazia" from "Un Ballo in Maschera"
           Eleonora Noga Alberti, soprano
           Monica Fucci, Bassoon
           Alfredo Corral, Piano

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