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Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 14:42:56 -0800
From: Grant Green
Subject: Re: [CB] French music store?

>Oh goodness no!  Not a representative transaction at all!  It would be like
>calling a sale of Callaway golf clubs to Tiger Woods a representative
>transaction.  Granted, the contrabass community is a bit smaller than the
>golfing one, but the proportion of the total market that "tunes in" to
>, directly or indirectly, is such that it wouldn't have
>surprised me if Gramps Leblanc himself made Grant's instrument by hand
>personally and delivered it in his teeth with a certificates for a lifetime
>supply of Vandies and a full no questions asked perpetual replacement

Well, it would certainly surprise me!

>In my post I mentioned the summary removal of my name from the BBb waitlist
>at WW and BW - after having been on that list a year.  In case the reader is
>thinking "yeah, but how often does one purchase a brand new contrabass
>clarinet...I mean, what are these lunatics talking about anyway?", let me
>tell you about how long my used Leblanc contra has been in the shop waiting
>for -- get this -- a set of pads.  How about in excess of TWO MONTHS
>(delivery date is "indefinite").  For a set of pads for an instrument that
>is in production right here in the USA, a copy of which was delivered to
>Grant in (this makes me cry!) a WEEK.  My repair technician was told that

Of course, this was a few years ago: I was told at the time that I
was lucky that they had a couple left.  They were apparently selling
only what was left in stock, and not making more then.

>the 911 attacks had interfered with shipments from FRANCE.  I didn't think
>it was even worth my time telling my tech that Leblanc moved the contrabass
>shop to KENOSHA WISCONSIN (I knew that because of my extensive discussions
>with WWandBW over the course of the year that I languished on the Leblanc

Well, it is still possible that the pads are sourced from France.
But there should be alternate sources available, or pads that fit
just as well: contra pads are smaller than many of the pads on an
alto sax.

>Still, I love my BBb Leblanc paperclip - or at least the thought of it.  My
>repair tech referred to it as a "spiffy...padless" clarinet.   So I play my

Ah, but a *bit* leaky... ;-)


Grant Green         
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Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:00:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Andrew Phillips
Subject: [CB] Bari sax stand

   Can anyone recommend a good bari sax stand and
where to buy it?  I have a low-A Yamaha bari that I'd
like to keep from getting more scratched (hey, it's
not in bad shape considering it's in its third year on
the field) but I also want something stable and
compact if possible.  I know it's a lot to ask for in
a stand, but I was wondering what all you guys would
recommend.  Thanks.
                         --Andrew Phillips


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