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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:00:40 -0700
From: Grant Green
Subject: [CB] I'm back

My apologies to anyone who experienced bouncing messages over the
last week or so.  I've just returned from an extended (for me,
anyway) vacation in Vienna, and didn't have an opportunity to
check/manage my email accounts.  The inbox has now been cleared out,
and we're open for business again :-)

I did manage to make it to the musical instrument collection at the
art history museum.  Like most such collections, it is heavily
weighted toward string and keyboard instruments (quite a few pianos
and clavichords), but it did have a nice set of recorders (up to one
something over 6 feet tall) and a set of sordunes that I'd never seen
before.  Plus a number of basset horns, a clarinet d'amore (with an
elbow like the early basset horns, and a spherical bell), and an
early contrabassoon (the type that looks like an 8' tall bassoon).
Unfortunately, the "official" booklet does not picture many wind
instruments.  We'll see if any of my pictures come out...


Grant Green     
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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:41:27 -0700
From: David Richoux <>
Subject: [CB] Jazz sarrusophone
Hi all,

 as some of you may know, I do a jazz program on KFJC ( Thursdays
from 10am to 2pm Pacific time. Today I was playing the music of Roscoe Mitchell
and found two records that might interest this list:

Roscoe Mitchell with Tom Buckner and Gerald Oshita: New Music for Woodwinds and
Voice, (1750 Arch Records S1785, 1981)
Roscoe Mitchell and Space: An Interesting Breakfast Conversation, (1750 Arch
Records S1806, 1984)

these are very improvisational recordings with various saxophones, voice and
Sarrusophone and Conn-o-phone! (or is it Conn-O-Sax? anyway - a very odd
straight saxish horn with a spherical bell)

you are on your own for finding copies of this music - 1750 Arch has been MIA
for a few years...

Dave Richoux
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