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Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2001 22:09:32 -0400
From: Samuel Curnoe Andreyev
Subject: [CB] a stroke of luck!

Due to an amazing stroke of luck, I've found myself babysitting both Eb
and Bb contrabass clarinets for two weeks. A clarinettist friend of
mine, who has them on loan from the University of Toronto, needed a
place to stash them while she was out of town. Naturally I'm quite keen
to try them out, but she didn't leave her reed case. I do have a
baritone sax reed that a player left at my house a few years back, which
for no good reason I kept, and I've been able to use that with the Eb
contra. However, I'm pretty ignorant about this stuff (being an oboist)
and have no idea what kind of reed the Bb contra takes, or where to get
them. Can anyone enlighten me?

Thanks all,
Sam Andreyev

P.S.. both instruments will be used in short set I'm doing for an annual
outdoor festival in the middle of Toronto's High Park, starting at 8:00

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