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Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 16:26:49 -0700
From: David Richoux
Subject: [CB] Fun site for tuba (and other band instument) education

Hi all

I found this after reading at a link posted on another list - you might want to look
at this, especially if you have child learning tuba or other instruments. Also check
the definitions page, pretty fun, if a bit basic...and tubacentric.

Dave Richoux

BTW, he seems to have an "in" for the Sarrusophone- his definition:   (Are you sure
you want to know?) Sort of a double reed saxophone or perhaps a brass bassoon once
popular (for reasons no longer understood) in bands both in Europe and America, used
from the 1860ís to about 1900 except for the contrabass sarrusophone which was used
into the 1920ís before people finally came to their senses.
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