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From: "Tom Izzo"
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 19:08:00 -0500
Subject: Re: [CB] Unusual Cimbasso

> check out
> towards the bottom of the page is an interesting picture of a cimbasso used
> on the score to "Futurama".  The interesting part is the bell.  It seemes to
> be doubled up on itself and have a very wide bore.  This is quite unlike the
> bells of other cimbassos I have seen which tend to look like a slightly
> larger trombone bell.  Is this possibly a BBb cimbasso (rather than the F or
> Eb models that tend to be more common)?

It appears to be an F, or Eb model. Looks to me like a Rudy Meinl, or Meinl Weston model.
Notice just in front of it, is the Mirafone BBb/FF Contrabass Trombone model 57F.

Looks like possibly Bill Reichenbach was on this gig.



From: "Rich Haynes"
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 11:53:18 +1000
Subject: Re: [CB]

Thanks for the tip! Any more info on these universities?
And also, this may seem like a very unintelligent question, but, what kind of degrees do US universities offer? I just thought they might be different to our australian ones.


From: LeliaLoban
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 09:33:16 EDT
Subject: [CB] Battle of the Titans redux

Dave Spiegelthal wrote
>I refaced the mouthpiece of the Noblet bass sax and fixed a few leaks, and
>it now blows worthy foghorn blasts.

Excellent!  How old is the Noblet?  I'm familiar with the Leblanc Noblet
clarinets, but didn't know there was a bass sax in the family.

>By the way, welcome back to the list world, Lelia!  We've missed you.

Actually, not long ago, I kept trying to post a message about that
fascinating research link Grant provided, to articles on the bass purr of
housecats.  Writing about the subject always seemed to attract Shadow Cat.
She couldn't get into my lap because of the laptop computer, so she would
drape herself over my shoulder and purr in my ear.  Interesting sound.  I'd
never really thought of it as bass before, but it's true--and so odd, coming
from such a compact instrument.  She's sort of the feline version of a
rackett, I guess.

On top of the bass purr, she can lay in a high-pitched trill.  Every time I
start to listen to it, I fall asleep at the computer keyboard, and when I
wake up, my message seems to have been erased unsent.  It's such a bother to
re-type the whole thing that I never quite get around to it and that's why I
haven't posted a message here in a long time.  Hmm, I wonder....  Maybe the
bass purr includes some sort of secret feline communication code that she
doesn't want me to figure out or discuss with other humans.  She does let me
finish *writing* the message, probably so she can read all of it and see what
I'm up to.  This time, I think I'll try leaving my message unfinished and,
when she least expects it, hitting the "send" k


Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 11:38:07 -0700
From: Grant Green
Subject: [CB] Music FS

Here's an odd one: a handwritten part for contrabass sax ("Moongate"
from "Cleopatra" by 20th Century Fox), written by Henry Brant.  See
One page, framed.  About two hours left....


Grant Green      
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