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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 22:58:41 -0800
From: bitwise
Subject: Re: [CB] Contra-alto altissimo...

Alberto Pinton wrote:

> If it can be of any help, this is what I do to play above C on the
> Contra-alto: for C#,D I use regular Bb clarinet fingerings, D# like low F/C
> but no left index+reg key and then from E to Eb an octave above, I
> basically overblow the 7th of the fundamentals, that is: low F# with
> register key for vent gives me E4 on the horn and then just up
> chromatically to F (left thumb) which gives me Eb5 on the horn, after that
> the reed starts to give out...obviously, there're higher notes...
> btw my set-up is: Selmer Rosewood to low Eb, Clark Fobes (GREAT!!)
> mouthpiece for EEb contra-alto, VanDoren #4 contra-bass clarinet reeds and
> a metal ligature with two strips of Rovner material where it touches the
> reed...for stability on such a large piece of cane...

Interesting fingerings. Eb5?! How is the tone on these rarified
notes? How open is the mouthpiece?
What is the story on Rovner? I've been thinking about making a
ligature. It seems simple enough - is there something special about
that material?

> Thanks, best of luck to all of us for a squeak-free environment ;-§)

I'm for that!


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