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Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 01:36:04 +0000
From: Terje Lerstad
Subject: Re: [CB] Crazy Experiments

Klaus Bjerre wrote:

> >From: Lawrence de Martin
> >
> > After your earlier posting about 128' instruments and a conversation with
> > Ms. Loban, I had the inspiration to think of an instrument that is a
> > recorder built to a pipe organ size.  It can be fabricated from PVC pipe,
> > which I have used successfully for
> > speaker enclosures.  The beauty of this medium is that there are
> > pre-fabricated crooks - you just have to ask for them as "ells" at the
> > plumbing wholesaler.  That way a 64' instrument can be made to fit through
> standard doorways!
> >
> > You can obtain bores up to 200mm at reasonable expense, which are then
> > driven by a fan or air compressor.  I suspect that a reed would be too
> > difficult, so a blockflute design is the best alternative.  I then need to
> > fabricate very large pads - perhaps
> > controlled by footpedals and linkages.
> >
> >
> Do I understand you right, that you are thinking of an instrument given wind
> like an organ?
> And fingered, handed, or footed like an oversize recorder?
> If so I believe you are in for a greta disappointment?
> As I have understood the art of building pipe organs, the most important
> factors are to get the right relations between wind (direction, amount, and
> pressure), pipe length, and pipe bore.
> With the wind and the bore being constants in the instrument you are
> planning, then it would be very difficult to get a good sound on more than
> one single of the fingered notes.
> Getting a range of more than one octave could hardly be hoped for.
> Klaus

Dear List,
you are all completely wrong.  I have never talked about any organ pipe or an
instrument beeing played ba a mechanical pneumatic THING. I write about a
CLARINET , or rather a chalumeau descending to a very low tone, built in
the manner of the rankets in the renaisance, where they made it possible for
double reed instruments to play with a quite small instrument in the
contrabassoon register. And I don't talk about the organ register Ranket. Read to the
I don't  talk about organ at all!!
Terje Lerstad

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