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From: "Spencer Parks"
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 14:45:28 CDT
Subject: Re: [CB] Bass sax case

>I think the wheels sound like a great feature.  My 1926 Conn bass sax has the
>original hard case.  It's a heavy, wooden case with interior leather straps
>to hold the instrument in place.  With some added bubble pack inside, I think
>it would do a fine job of protecting the sax.

I compare this description to my bass sax and it's case.  It also has a
heavy wooden case, but it doesn't have the bubble wrap or straps or
anything.  It protects it enough.  One big problem (that really pisses me
off) about the case is that handle is very badly placed.  The case is shaped
to the horn, so one part of the side goes up (at the bell)at a 45 degree
angle and then back down.  The handle is placed on the lower angle (closer
to the bottom) so when you pick it up, the edge of it digs into your hand
and really hurts.  Maybe I'll get another case, but I'd also like a better
sax all together.

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