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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 15:51:56 -0700
Subject: [CB] bassoon duets

Hi, just a quick message to ask if anyone out there knows of some
sort of bassoon duet written rather recently. A longer piece would be
preffered, and it would great if it was filled with crazy sounds. I
hope such a piece exists.

thanks for your help
brock imison brisbane.

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 16:39:50 -0700
Subject: [CB] Bass sax case

I recently bought a Conn bass sax which, besides being in bad shape, didn't
have a case.  I am overhauling it and started looking for a case.  DEG has
the standard wood case but professional sax players use fiberglass cases like
the ones made by Walt Johnson.  They are going to start building the WJ case
for bass sax in about a month.  It will be expensive, near $1,000, but a good
Conn bass sax is an investment worth protecting.

Roslyn at Walt Johnson told me that the new case will have wheels since the
instrument is fairly heavy.  If any of you who own a bass sax are interested
in a state of the art case you should contact them.  The web address is

Ron Follas
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