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Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2000 04:59:57 +0200
From: "Klaus Bjerre"
Subject: [CB] Old Cerveny design in modern disguise

In a recent thread involving Heliconman I was a bit cryptic about
informations got by a correspondent of mine.

Now I have found it open on the net, so I can relay it freely:

Bottom of page shows the 197/198 model BBb tuba.

The story behind this instrument is, that it is based on the design for a
tuba made specially for the parade band of one of the SS-regiments doing
lifeguard duty for Hitler. Not a recommendation in itself.

There has been added a 5th valve to the crook of the 4th valve (198).

My still undisclosed correspondent told me, that the Hitler tuba in turn was
based on an old Cerveny design.

That fits well with an original Cerveny tuba that was for sale on eBay this
spring. Remarkable is the enormous bell throat with almost no bell flare.

The 198 is used by one of the 2 tubists in the orchestra in the Bavarian
State Opera. His name sadly forgotten by me.

I considered buying a 198 myself, but it was prohibitively expensive. Lots
of money up front and no way of testing the instrument before ordering.
Because they are not kept in stock. Only made to firm orders. And with a
history of great deviations in playing qualities from specimen to specimen.
Yet another reason to abstine.

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