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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 05:01:05 +0100
From: "Klaus Bjerre"
Subject: [CB] Eternal love

Dear Grant

If you have created a way to put a few sticks in the wheels of the net
abusers, then you have got a nomination for my eternal love.

And just do relaxe as my love will not get you into any embarrassing
situations. Disregarding any political correctness I am straight.




Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 08:02:24 -0400
From: "Robert S. Howe"
Subject: Re: [CB] Sarrusophones and their reeds

There is some recent writing on Sarrusophones on this list.  I always
have something to say about Sarrusophones.

  1. Any person who wishes may measure and study my Sarrusophones--Conn Eb CB, Couesnon Eb CB, Gautrot-Marquet C bass (perhaps the only C bass in the USA) and Orsi Bb soprano.  However this person should not plan to do so until after August 1.  I am near Boston and New York.
  2. Reeds for Sarrusophones are bigger than the corresponding Rothophones or bassoon.  Mike Jolivet notes this with his comment that he uses a CBn reed for a Bb bass Sarrusophone, which is pitched a minor 7th higher than the CBn.  Dimensions for Sarrusophone reeds are in Anthony Baines, Woodwind Instruments and Their History, Dover Pub.  Don't ask me to send the information.  If you care enough about odd WW's to be on this list, you should own (and read!) Baines.  It will set you back maybe $20.
  3. Similar to the CB Sarrrusophone but bigger and louder is the Reed Contrabass. (Contrabass ad Anchia).  Gunther Dullat in Germany is selling his C. ad Anchia, for I think US$10,000.  I believe Grant has his Email; his address is Wilhelm Leibel Strasse 10, D-64569 Nauheim Germany.

Robert Howe

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