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From: " haynes" <rich_haynes @>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 14:47:54 EST
Subject: Re: [CB] bassoon

jean, go the buffet prestige bass clarinet!
yeah theyre wonderful arent they.....
by the way whats the verdict on selmer c* contrabass clarinet mouthpieces vs
the rest of em?

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From: "Jean Adler" <>
I believe what I meant to say when I said those darn bassoonists was that
they only had one horn to carry, as opposed to the rest of the woodwinds who
needed to rent a U-Haul to get theirs to the show.
The edition that we are playing has the bass clarinet and bassoonist playing
in unison a good portion of the show.  And yes there is some very difficult
stuff to play.  Fortunately the bassoonist and I have played together many
times and work very well together.  It would be a tough show to do if you
hadn't worked together before as a group.

I have another question entirely different.  I play on a Richard Hawkins
mouthpiece using a Rossi Bb soprano clarinet.  Have any of you ever played
on one of his bass clarinet mouthpieces?  I am thinking of having him custom
make one for me.  I play a Buffet Prestige.  What better way to spend my pit
money than on new equipment.  ;)  I am looking for a rich, dark sound...but
also need help in the higher register.

Thanks all,


From: "Jean Adler" <jean @>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 09:14:15 -0500
Subject: [CB] mouthpieces

I was playing my mouthpieces yesterday to see how I liked them.  the Selmer
was great when I was pregnant because I was able to play really loud without
having the greatest breath control.  Carrying around 24 extra pounds under
your diaphragm isn't easy.  However, now I am not so crazy about the Selmer.
I don't like the sound I am getting.  I want a warmer sound.  I'm not
getting a fuller sound...just a louder one.

Apologies to those of you who like the Selmer mouthpieces.  It just isn't
working for me any more.


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