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Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 14:25:14 -0700
From: "Chuck Guzis" <>
Subject: Re: [CB] Back to the Beginning...

On 4/24/00,  Grant Green  wrote:
>I'll delete the eGroups list in a few minutes.  The "original" list
>( is still in operation, and you can go
>back to/continue using that address.  In the meantime, does anyone
>have other suggestions?  I've heard has frequent service
>outages, but that Topix is relatively reliable.  Anyone have

How about a web-based message board?  I find that they are fairly convenient to use; there's no subscription and one need furnish one's email address only when an email response is solicited.  Keeps the inbox clutter down too.

Whatcha think?

- Chuck


Date: 25 Apr 00 18:18:02 EDT
From: Edward Branham <>
Subject: Re: [Re: [CB] newsgroup]

There's probably enough of us to start a moderated (to eliminate spam) usenet
news group.  I watch four or five regularly - two that are sax, one clarinet,
and one woodwind.

Is anyone of us up to date on the RFC for beginning a newsgroup?


Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:40:17 -0700
From: "Chuck Guzis" <>
Subject: Re: [CB] Sing a piano?

On 4/26/00,  Colin Harris  wrote:

>I read in an old guiness book of records that there was a man that could
>'sing' the entire range of a piano.  Is this physcially possible?

I don't know about the bottom end of the keyboard, but wasn't a similar range once claimed by Ima Sumac?


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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 18:18:10 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: [CB] Listening for the Big Bang...

Not completely on-topic, but hopefully of interest anyway.  The
current issue of Nature details an interesting experiment in which
scientists used a balloon and a boomerang to determine that the
universe is flat.

OK, "Boomerang" is the name of the instrument, carried aloft by a
balloon over Antarctica, that measured the cosmic microwave
background radiation to a high degree of accuracy.  The results show
regular variations of +/- 1 degree, and suggest (prove?) that density
variations occurred in the early universe (year 300,000) due to sound
waves (as predicted by the inflationary cold dark matter model of the
universe).  The exact results constrain the density of matter in the
universe, predicting that the universe is neither positively nor
negatively curved, but flat (or very nearly flat).  No Big Crunch in
our future (or anyone's, for that matter).

Unfortunately, they never mention the frequency of those acoustic waves...

The URL for the Boomerang team is, and you can find the entire Nature article (and download it in pdf format) at



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