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Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 19:50:45 EST
Subject: Re: Helicon cases??????

   Just as a point of reference to the thread on helicon cases.  Many years
ago, I was quite pleased to purchase an early Conn BB-flat helicon which had
an original trunk-style hard case which came with it, but which was not there
when I bought the horn (I had to go pick it up).  I had thoughts of being
able to ship my helicon if i was going to perform in another town --never
really contemplating the essential requirements of a helicon case.
   When I picked up the case, I realized that the case was very well-built
and was designed to fit the horn pretty well --thus resulting in a case very
similarly shaped to a hard case for a medium-sized harp.  And it was just as
easy to haul around as any wooded harp case with no wheels would be!  75
pounds, no good handholds, and best making intermediate duty as a large
coffee table.
    I shipped the case home (by air, it could only go as air freight), and
except for protecting its horn during a move, it has been only an unused
curiosity ever since --but still--there could be that day that I just take my
helicon on the road...
    The moral is that you may want to rough out the volume it takes to make a
form-fitting case for your beast  I was certainly surprised when I first saw

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:57:15 EST
Subject: Bass Harmonica!

 Thanks for all your help with the bass harmonica websites and all! I guess
it helped me get off my butt and I FOUND one on eBay! I'm paying $155 for a
Hohner 265!! Nice price, huh?! As I may have said before, I've had the bug to
get one ever since I heard it on a Paul Simon album in the 1970's on a tune
that was called either Papa Hobo or Hobo's Blues. Both titles were on the
album and became favorites. The other piece was an instrumental featuring
Stephane Grappelli on jazz violin and Paul Simon on acoustic guitar (steel
strings). The two songs were a great set of bookends! Anyone interested in
recordings of bass harp should check out the theme from Sanford & Son on The
Best of Quincy Jones or the Beatles recording of Fool on the Hill with the
harp playing the bass line on the ocarina (recorder?) solo section. If I
remember correctly, there was a bit of incidental bass harp on Green Acres
and Petty Coat Junction. Of course, the Harmonicats and the Harmonica Rascals
used the bass all the time. Here in Massachusetts I got see the Cambridge
Harmonica Orchestra several times which had several bass and other orchestral
harps plus a washtub bass player, Washtub Robbie Phillips, who is
re-inventing the washtub bass every time I turn around. I'll have to get some
pictures of some of his one stringers. He doesn't just use washtubs, but also
pickle barrels and wine casks. More later...

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 15:13:19 -0500
From: Topper <>
Subject: Bass Hall of Fame

Therewas a bass players hall of fame (multiple versions) which was
orgamnized with some heavy players and was dedicated to get this: "All
Things Bass" as was in their last b news release roadcast on VHI MTV and
somelocal stations. As I understand it the jonniker is still owned by an

I am doing some research and trying to be objective since I know one of the




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