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From: John Fierke <>
Subject: Selmer Contrabass Sax  ???
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 09:43:01 -0500

I also spoke with IBW last summer and got similar pricing.  However, my
understanding was that they had a horn from ORSI that they had ordered new
from the factory several (?) years earlier.   I don't recall Selmer being
mentioned.  If it had been a Selmer, I would have much more tempted than I
remember being, even though it would have cost me much more than $ 20,000,
once the divorce proceedings had completed ...

Can anyone confirm the maker ?

I guess it's 'collectable' by virtue of there being very few available, but
my understanding is also that if you have $$$ and time, you can order one
fresh from the factory.  I think the wait is at least a year, though.

From: <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 20:50:01 EST
Subject: Re: Contrabass sax sale
Reply-To: <>

 You mean a Selmer Contrabass Sax went for that much dough? Did I rip
myself off ny trading my Brono Perfection for 3  X-large out-f-prints $us?

Should I builde a new compuond kick-boot lever with pull string so I can
kick myself in arears for another 13 years?
In a message dated 1/25/00 2:15:02 AM, flams@MIT.EDU <mailto:flams@MIT.EDU>

   >> >and the contrabass sax.
  >> One sold in Manhattan last month, new, for $35,000.  Not to me, sadly.
 >   That sale price is funny because when I was in International Brass and
 >Woodwind over the summer looking for a bass clarinet, I asked the guy,
 >just out of curiosity, how much he'd sell the contrabass sax for. Back
 >then he said $19,000 or $20,000.  He said it had spent way too much time
 >in the store and he wanted to get rid of it.  Too bad for the poor sap
 >who bought it.  (sorry I'm a few days behind).
 >--Mike Famulare
 >end contrabass list


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 15:28:44 EST
Subject: Re: Selmer Contrabass Sax  ???

The LA-sax company makes a Contrabass Sax if that's any help. (sorry i
haven't been reading many of these posts)


Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 12:36:40 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Seti@Home

For those of you who are running the Seti@Home program, version 2.0 is now available at the official website.

For those of you who are interested, there is a "Contrabass" group at  Seti@Home, which you can join at

For those of you who are new, seti@home is a project that searches  for radio signals of extraterrestrial origin by sifting through radio telescope data.  It requires a tremendous amount of computing power, so the project divides each day's signal into a huge number of individual work units, and distributes the work units to any member who's ready for another one.  You download the work units from the server, and your computer crunches on it automatically whenever you're not working.  Its a screensaver that actually does some *work*.  You can run it on multiple computers at the same time.  You can also set it to upload and download information automatically, so that you never have to actually *do* anything with it.  The website has a more complete description of the program at



Grant Green  

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 16:14:49 EST
Subject: Re: Selmer Contrabass Sax  ???

It is my understanding that the only companies that have made contrabasses
are Evette-Schaffer and Orsi. Yes, recently LA Sax has began selling
contrabasses, but it is an Orsi with the LA Sax name slapped on it.


 Can anyone confirm the maker ?
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