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From: "David Neubauer" <>
Subject: LA Contra Concerts
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 16:28:42 -0800
Concert Update (all in the Los Angeles area):

I'm playing contrabassoon in Mendelssohn Fifth with the Downey
Symphony (January 29), Shostakovitch Fifth with the West Valley
Symphony (February 5th) and Schelomo (Bloch) with the West Hollywood
Orchestra (February 26th), and still play nearly every Wednesday night
with the Joe Vento Big Band (in Northridge) on my amplified
Contrabassoon (Bass Trombone part).

Also received a nice mention in the January 2000 issue of PCWorld
(page 186 & 187).  It does not mention the contra, but points folks to
my site.  Also, a change, I will *NOT* be at OK Mozart 2000 (with the
Solisti New York), they decided to postpone Beethoven's Ninth.

David Neubauer


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 00:18:18 EST
Subject: Re: bass saxophone

In a message dated 1/18/00 7:44:38 PM, writes:

>For every told negative story about a contrabass musical instrument,
>there is a positive story. Just remember that is always the case about
>anything made.
>                   Larriman
>-Lawrence "Larry" E. Johns-

I did not mean for my mention to be negative. There's the good with the bad
and perhaps I did not emphasize the good enough. I don't know who threw the
sax out the window or why that was just what the band director said when I
purchased it from the school I paid $100. for it plus I got some sousaphone
parts. It didn't even look worth the work, or possible. Besides... the
sneakers I found in the bottom of the bell did not fit me.  Even the bow
brace had to  come off. I got so good at working with metal (well pretty good
- not really great) because of that sax I became a silversmith. The positive
side was that I saved the instrument from the scrap heap and made it look and
play beautifully.  Now I'm sure someone else can appreciate it. It is an
almost new looking Bruno Perfection (well compared to the compressed and
nearly flattened horn it was. It was sold (traded)  to USA Horn. They finally
sold it for alot more! It's now on a journey and will be around longer than
all of us. It may help someone get to a better place and influence people
along the way. So there are many stories for every instrument. If only they
could talk. And often people help them do just that.

What I meant to say is that I love sax but I can only appreciate so much
brass and so many cubic feet of conical bore from the small end of the horn.
And it was soooo heavy, I had to use a harness. I love baritone sax but I
can't get it to whisper or get the ppppp to fff like a bass clarinet. And the
bass clarinet has a fairly dependable six octave range, you think the note
and it comes out, unlike the bari where I can count on only four, 4 1/2 at
best and for me it's a bit shakey past hight A on any sax except tenor.

The reason why I kept my soprano inside the bell was that I figured the Bass
was to big and heavy to steal so my soprano was safe in there:)


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 00:33:57 EST
Subject: Barney Childs

    Most of you have probably heard over the web that composer Barney Childs
recently passed away.  Sarrusophone aficionados will recall that he wrote a
piece entitled "The Golden Bubble" for EEb contrabass sarrusophone and
percussion. Michel Jolivet

From: (lawrence johns)
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 00:35:31 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: bass saxophone

very good my point exactly-if i had my way i would have in my collection
the rarer saxes in the world-let me see starting with the saxello,the
sopranino sax, the one handed  tenor sax, the c melody sax, the f
baritone sax, the bass sax and the contrabass sax.oh yes one of those
acrylic alto saxes,too.


-Lawrence "Larry" E. Johns-


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 09:45:38 EST
Subject: The name game

Joel Koh wrote,
>There is a contra-alto clarinet on e-bay listed as

>Large Flute,............>

Has anybody been keeping track of the various weird identifications that
dealers on eBay and elsewhere give to contrabass instruments?  A member of
this list recently told me about buying a soprano sax that an eBay dealer
advertised, in the "Brass" section, as "French horn clarinet," but it seems
to me that the bass winds get mis-identified even more often than other types
of instruments.  Might prove amusing to collect the dealers' guesses.

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