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Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2000 16:24:57 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Re: sarrusophone

>I recognize that name.  Is this a reissue of an LP on 1750 Arch Records
>(now defunct)?  I recall that album also having a Conn-O-Sax, if it's
>the one I'm thinking of...

Roscoe Mitchell appears twice in the sarrusophone discography, once
for "four compositions", and again for the "Sound and Space
Ensembles".  Its the S&SE CD that has the Conn-O-Sax, played by
Gerald Oshita (who also plays the sarrusophone on both discs).  The
liner notes for both CDs indicate that GO is "an accomplished player
of woodwind instruments including the Conn-o-sax and the contrabass
sarrusophone, for which he is composing an ongoing cycle of pieces
called "New Compositions for Extinct Woodwinds."  Unfortunately, I've
never found another reference to the work, much less a recording or


Grant Green  

Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 17:52:22 -0500
From: John Howell <>
Subject: sarrusophone

>From: "Timothy J. Tikker" <>
>Mitchell's "four compositions" (finally got a copy of the CD), which
>includes "Prelude" for voice, bass saxophone, contrabass
>sarrusophone, and triple contrabass viol<<

OK, I'll bite.  What exactly do you mean by "triple contrabass viol"?  Not
quite a standard term!  And do you mean viol as in viola da gamba or viol
as in bass viol = contrabass violin?


John & Susie Howell
Virginia Tech Department of Music
Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S.A. 24061-0240
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