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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 16:57:55 -0500
From: John Howell <>
Subject: KBass saxes

>These are undocumented references, more anecdotal than definitive. Given the
>vagueness of nomenclature, they could have been seeing or referring to
>contrabasses.  There is simply no evidence that Sax ever produced one,
>despite his postulations.  Nor do we find any evidence of other manufacturers
>production.  Wish this wasn't so.
>Paul Cohen

I've always been interested in instruments and orchestration, and when I
was a kid I saw an illustration in some book or other of an Eb contrabass
sax with a stuffy-looking man playing it.  There was and is no doubt in my
mind that I was looking at a real, playable instrument.

Now, is that the instrument we're discussing, or is the question about an
even larger BBb subcontrabass instrument?


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