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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 20:28:30 -0800
From: "Timothy J. Tikker" <>
Subject: digital 32'

"Pinkosky, Paul M" wrote:
>>Does anyone have any experience with Electronic 32's on an otherwise all
pipe instrument?  I play a 68 rank Wicks/McManis at my church, and the 32's
are fairly docile...I'd like something that packs a punch, but we have space

Everyone in the pipe organ business these days says that the best
digital 32's are those by Walker.  Several pipe organ companies have
used them now in otherwise pipe organs.

I've played a few of these.  I'd have to say that they're about as good
as electronic 32's can get.  I can still tell they're electronic, though.

Of course, the kind of 32' tone your organ needs really is also a
question of what the rest of your organ is like.  Many organists have
been eager to put powerful 32's into their pedal divisions whether or
not their manual divisions have the requisite weight, depth and power to
balance such a strong bass.

Ernest Skinner wrote years ago that a strong manual 16' reed called for
a Pedal 32' Bombarde to balance it.  Frankly, I think he was just trying
to sell 32' Bombardes (and he later wrote that he made some 200 of them
over the course of his career)!  But more importantly, i think the
converse is true:  a powerful 32' Bombarde makes no sense if there isn't
a similarly strong manual 16' reed to justify it.

Cavaillé-Coll actually made few organs with 32' reeds in his career --
perhaps 10, I think, and several of these were retained at least in part
from the previous organs.  In one of these organs there is only one
manual 16' Bombarde;  in all the others, there is more than one.  And he
made many organs with multiple manual 16' reeds but noi pedal 32' one.
Clearly, he understood the necessary balances.

- Timothy Tikker


Subject: Francaix recording
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 06:00:28 PST

   Just wondering how many of you out there have good recordings of the
Francaix Bassoon concerto. No one I know owns one, I'm sure someone out
there would. Thanks.


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From: "J. Daniel Ashton" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 09:39:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Francaix recording

>>>>>> "BI" == BROCK IMISON wrote:
BI> Just wondering how many of you out there have good recordings of
BI> the Francaix Bassoon concerto. No one I know owns one, I'm sure
BI> someone out there would. Thanks.

The concerto you seek might possibly be found on the following
recording, available from
Concerto Bassoon/Concerto Bassoon/Concerto Bassoon/Divertimento Bs
List Price: $11.97
Our Price: $11.49
You Save: $0.48 (4%)

Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

Performer(s): Mozart, Hummel, Jolivet, Francaix
Capriccio - #10579 / September 4, 1996
Audio CD /
ASIN: B000001WSR

However, it seems more likely that this recording contains his
Divertimento, rather than concerto.  In my search through Amazon I
turned up a handful of recordings of the Francaix Devertimento (or
Divertissement) for bassoon, but none that are obviously called
Concerto for Bassoon.

Good luck!

-- J. Daniel Ashton       ICQ# 9445142 <-- NeXTMail PGP key availa

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