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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 00:38:38 EDT
Subject: New CD featuring contrabassoons!

    Arthur Grossman has just released a new CD featuring bassoons and
contrabassoons made by Guntram Wolf.  Bassoons made of mountain maple,
birdseye maple, and yew are featured in works by Hindemith, Schreck,
Saint-Saens, Tisne.
    But what contrabass aficionados will want to hear are the Wolf contras -
Grossman plays a solo for contra composed by Ferdinand del Negro (the famous
contrabassoonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra under Ormandy for many years)
and a contrabassoon duet written in 1999 by Graham Powning entitled
"Contradiction".  The contrabassoonist joining Grossman is Michel Jolivet
(that's me!) also playing a
Wolf contra.
    The CD is available from Arthur Grossman.  His e-mail address is:
<<  >>.  I don't know what they sell for because I
forgot to ask Arthur!
    Contrabassoonistically, Michel Jolivet

Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 12:27:18 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Fwd: Matthias Ziegler "Uakti" [NA104]

Here's the latest news on the new Matthias Ziegler contrabass flute
recording, straight from the publisher (and new subscriber).



>Hi Again,
>Here is more complete info on Matthias' new disc....
>New Albion
>Matthias Ziegler
>new music for contrabass flute
>August 1999
>"On UAKTI Ziegler takes the instrument into uncharted terrain in a series
>of collaborations with innovative flute makers.  Their innovations,
>including electroacoustic enhancement, enable him, unaccompanied, to
>achieve polyphonic complexity.  The results intrigue not merely because the
>quarter tone flute or contrabass flute are distinctive in appearance and
>sound, but because Ziegler's strong compositions transcend novelty."
>      - The Wire
>1. Uakti                          10:37
>2. Maschad                         3:13
>3. Mimi                            5:00
>4. Quarters                        5:46
>5. Rattagt (for Samuel)            4:15
>6. Ballade                         6:28
>7. Recercada Primera (Diego Ortiz) 3:48
>8. Ghashghai                       5:22
>9. Recercada Segunda (Diego Ortiz) 3:14
>10. Very, Very Good...            10:16
>   total        58:34
>Matthias Ziegler is a world class musician who is a virtuoso flute player.
>On this CD he presents a personal vision of a  solo polyphonic music that
>is complete in sound, form, melody, harmony, driving rhythm and rich with
>human feeling.  Evocative, virtuoso, and playful, he takes us into a
>fantastic and joyful world of sound that is both unfamiliar in texture but
>familiar in its lyric construction.  His wit, intelligence, and appetite
>for sound has created an array of music that references many musical
>traditions yet is still his own.  It is one thing to discover a new sound,
>it is another thing to know its greater musical potential. Transformation
>from the unfamiliar to the familiar is one of Ziegler's many gifts.
>A music that is so broad and performed with such virtuosic ease belies
>the fact that so much research, and consequent musical and technical
>solutions have been found.  On the instrumental level Ziegler has been
>involved in the flute zeitgeist of the past twenty-five years pioneered by
>Robert Dick, Pierre-Yves Artaud and others who have been fascinated with
>unlocking and codifying the sonic secrets of a micro sound world of the
>flute rich in nuance and musical potential.  This work has been a
>collaboration between performer/composer and the worlds best and open
>minded flute makers (Kaspar Baechi, Eva Kingma, The Brannen Brothers,
>Kotato & Fukushima) to develop new instruments. In Ziegler's case, he has
>also worked with electronic sound designers, who have aimed to meet his
>needs of amplifying and making custom made microphones, some even  imbedded
>within the instruments to project his rich sound world and imagination. He
>more than anyone else has found solutions to fully expand and project his
>language to make it perceivable to the public.
>To overly emphasize this aspect would miss the point.   All this is to the
>service of a broad musical vision, of rhythm, melody, harmony, sound
>fantasy, and human feeling.
>- from the liner notes by Mark Dresser
>about the premier of Mark Dresser's "The Banquet" September '95, featuring
>Matthias Ziegler:
>"Mark Dresser who is able to jump over the highest stylistic walls in a
>single bound wrote a concerto that shows where this journey between
>contemporary classical music and jazz can go.  Dresser wrote a piece of music
>that fits like a glove to the astonishing soloist, Matthias Ziegler.  This
>piece has many element which you can't find anymore in "serious" music like
>drama, entertainment, rhythmic playfulness, variety of sound, and room for
>individual improvisational development." -Neue Zurcher Zeitung
>New Albion Records
>584 Castro #525
>San Francisco, CA 94114-2594
>t: 415.621.5757
>f: 415.621.4711
>Now available :
> Ellen Fullman's long string instrument
> Henry Cowell piano works
> Mattias Ziegler contrabass flute
> Terry Riley guitar music
>Coming in November :
> Stephen Scott's Bowed Piano Ensemble
Grant Green  

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