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From: "Jean Adler" <>
Subject: Re: MONICA FUCCI Recital
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 17:46:10 -0500

This note is to Monica....First of all best of luck on the recital.  Second, as a bass clarinetist there isn't much out there for solos.  Would any of the pieces be suitable for transcription?

Jean Adler


Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 20:24:50 -0700
From: "Timothy J. Tikker" <>
Subject: Double-bell euphonium update

This weekend my local repairman talked looked over my Conn double-bell
euphonium.  It turns out that he has a single-bell one just like it, which is
missing a length of tubing.  He appreciates seeing mine, figuring that it can
provide the model for replacing what's missing in his.

He informed me that the engraved woman's face logo set in a pentagon is the
famous "Naked Lady".  I then remembered that I had seen that in a photo in an
article years ago (Paul Cohen in Saxophone Journal?).  It had been so long that I
hadn't remembered that it's really only a face, plus a little bit of kind of
surreal cleavage (one breast or three?!).  His own single-bell euphonium is also
a Naked Lady model.

He assured me that all the dents etc. are repairable, and he'll probably have
time to get to work on it first thing next year.  I'll keep you posted on

- Timothy Tikker


From: "Harry Searing" <>
Subject: RE: The Bassoon as a Sound Effect
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 21:25:37 -0400


Sorry to say it, but that's not a bassoon at the end of Bungalow Bill on the
Beatles White Album.

It's a mellotron played by Chris Thomas set on 'trombone'.

Harry Searing


Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 21:07:29 +0100
From: Jim Katz <>
Subject: Re: Didgeridoo on Ebay

>You might want to chech this out if you
>don't own a didgeridoo.


Aw c'mon. Are there still people out there who don't own a didgeridoo? What
is the world coming to....

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