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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 17:27:07 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Metal bass clarinet

This is listed as a silver saxophone, but it is clearly a metal bass



Grant Green  

Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 20:05:01 -0600
Subject: The Paperclip contra that just sold on Ebay

Hi, All

I have been watching this auction of the big paperclip contra on Ebay.
If the photo is telling, that thing didn't look like it was in the best
of shape -- no mouthpiece, tarnish everywhere.  The final bid was just a
tick under 3 grand, I think.  Is that a lot for an instrument in this
condition?  I know they aren't being made anymore, but that looked like
it was a chunk of work ahead for someone to bring it up to concert
form.  Anyone else wish to comment as to whether this price was in line
with the condition of this instrument?

I do enjoy the comments on the list.  When I would take my contra on
band tours, the little ones would always ask what it was.  I would have
them come up with me and sit right next to me on the floor and have them
feel the vibrations on the bottom of the bend.  Their eyes would get so
big.  And the sound -- they loved the sound, especially in full
concert.  I often wonder how many of those little ones fell in love for
life from just joining me for this magical moment.

Marty Meyer
Butler University Faculty


Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 11:55:59 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Fwd: contrabass clarinet for sale.

Just received this: another contra for sale.  From the pictures, it looks
like a Leblanc 340 (curved Bb contra) to low D in German silver.
*Probably* has the automatic octave key.  Sounds like its missing the floor
peg.  The owner is thinking of posting it on eBay, but thought he'd try us first.

>For Sale:
>LeBlanc Contra Bass 340 or 350. 40" long. Nickel finish in very good
>condition with the exception of some of the key pads have chrome wearing
>off. Also the item needs to be chem cleaned and re-padded. Missing the
>peg that sets the item in stand-also missing the stand. All parts seem
>to be there. I am not a musician, so you will have to phone me at
>509-535-8951 or 509-467-6745 to discuss this item in a hands on
>situation to determine exactly what it is and whether or not it is what
>you are looking for.  Ask for Tom.
>To view a scan of this item, please enter into your search engine the
>EXACTLY and you will bring up a scan of this item.  Be warned, it is a
>full scan page of about 5 photos of the item but well worth the wait.
>Price: 2950.00  Credit cards may be used over the phone for your
>purchasing protection, but a 4% surcharge will be added as I would have
>to pay that through the business whose terminal we would be using.
>I have a rating of 156 on ebay and encourage all interested parties to
>look up "tomjunk" or "" on ebay and check my feedback.
>Please call on this item as it is extremely specialized and due to the
>price, much conversation is warranted.
>Tom Nick.



Grant Green  

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