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Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 20:06:58 -0400
From: Robert Howe <>
Subject: Re: bass oboe

Tibor Pustai has composed an extended solo for bass oboe with soprano
voice, accompanied by orchestral strings, in his very beautiful cantata
"Paradiso".  This, sadly has had only two performances, which I was
privileged to play.  Mr. Pustai would undoubtably welcome other
performances, his # in West Hartford CT is 860-561-5119; he can also be
reached at Berklee in Boston.

Paradiso is scored for a large but not outrageous orchestra, I think it
is picc 2fl alto flute (three players doubling; alto flute may be
replaced by cor anglais);2 ob, cor anglais (only in default of alto
flute, can be doubled), bass oboe;  2 soprano Saxophones (briefly, can
be doubled by oboes or clarinets); 2 clarinets; 2 or 3 bassoons.  4331
brass.  3 or 4 percussions, harp and strings.

The bass oboe also has large and small contributions to the orchestral
fabric, as well as the extended solo.  The cor anglais solo is another
vocal movement, with A clarinet and tenor. It works better on CA than on
alto flute but is the most difficult work I have ever learned on CA.

Can we set up a bibliography of works for these instruments, and a
directory of players and instruments?  I will be happy to keep it.

Robert Howe

Drake Mabry wrote:
Does anybody know of a bibliography listing 20th Century works
> written for these instruments? Several bass oboe playing friends of mine in
> France have asked me this question. They are especially interested in solo works
> or ensemble works with prominent parts for the bass oboe.
>     I've written only one work featuring the bass oboe, it's for bass oboe solo
> with double reed ensemble accompaniment and is titled "Aria". If anyone knows of
> other solo pieces I'll be happy to pass the info on to my friends.

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