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From: "Dr Guy Grant" <>
Subject: RE: Barcus Berry pickups
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:41:00 +1000


I bought a Barcus-Berry trumpet mic and drilled a  0.25 inch hole in a PVC
didjeridu for it. I wasn't about to ruin a proper didjeridu. The mic worked
OK but was not loud enough and the amp did not have enough gain. The best
solution was an AKG TriSeries bass rolloff instrument mic.


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Sent: Monday, 26 July 1999 6:56
Subject: Re: Barcus Berry pickups

Merlin Williams wrote:
>If anyone is looking for amplification, I found a place
>near me that bought up a pile of Barcus Berry transducers.
>The store is blowing them out for $25 (Canadian!) each.
>The reason I'm bothering to mention this is:  they had
>SEVERAL bass flute pickups, a few bassoon ones, and
>quite a few clarinet/sax reed pickups.
>This would be a very cheap way to try amplifying your

 I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with
 either the flute or reed pick ups from Barcus
 Berry.  I'm assuming they've been out of production
 for a while.
 I suppose a "natural" sound would be too much to
 ask for, but is the sound of the pick up odd and
 interesting, bizarre and interesting, or just
 Any opinions regarding how well the reed pick ups
 would work on contra size horns?

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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 15:11:39 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Fixer-uppers FS...

Looks like Dillon's is clearing out the basement: they've listed two
helicon project horns, a Bb helicon minus the valve section at and an Eb
helicon missing a valve and various other parts, at

The sarrusophone at is now up
to $3550...

And finally, a bass oboe at - now over
$2K, and the reserve not yet reached...



Grant Green  

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