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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 04:32:30 +0100
From: Jim Katz <>
Subject: Horn maintenance - a mistake?

Sometimes people have asked about polishing and cleaning and replating and
other repair and maintenace techniques. All that might be a mistake.
Tonight at the great Montreal Jazz Festival I heard the Original Pinstripe
Get Right Jazz Brass Band, a New Orleans group. The large Sousaphone was
particularly interesting in its banged-up state and covered in a surface of
classic duct-tape. The small tuba had a pipe extension at the mouthpiece
(for it's 13-yr-old player to reach it, I guess,) that appeared to be
galvanized steel. It too had a matching large helping of duct-tape holding
its parts together. The trumpet had only one button among the three valves,
and the player had a couple of doozies of callouses where the valve stems
dug in to his fingers. You get the picture (rounded out with the drummer's
chewed-up cymbal having a large chunk out of one side.) The music was
divine, the tone, intonation, resonance etc. of each player and his
instrument just perfect and beautiful. Perhaps I ought to go out and stomp
around on my bassoon a bit....

Jim Katz,DSB
(Distant Second Bassoon)
I Medici di McGill
Physician Orchestra
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 14:33:05 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: Contralto clarinet FS...
Here's today's ebay blunder: a Bundy Eb contra clarinet listed as an
oboe... at
On the plus side, the current bid is only $10...

There's also a helicon at,

And a *baritone* helicon, at, with 4
valves, no less.



Grant Green  

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