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Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 16:27:08 -0500
From: Bonnie/Oscar <>
Subject: Exotic Gasses

 The speed of sound is sensitive to the density of the gas it is
traveling through.  Therefore, the major effect when playing an
instrument is related to the gas filling the horn.  Tubas take a lot
more to fill than Eb clarinets.  For Bass instruments, pre filling the
horn with the exotic gas, He or CO2 for example, before playing would be
necessary to get an interesting effect.  For long passages you should be
able to rig up an auxiliary hole near the mouthpiece that keeps the gas
inside the horn exotic.  I believe that is much more important than
attempting to control the gas type at the the reed (lips).  Another
possibility is to feed gas through a tube the corner of the mouth,  (Be
Careful, Lungs cannot handle even 1 psi),  controlled like a bagpipe
perhaps.  That way you close the throat, Breath real air, and keep a
homogeneous gas in the horn.



Date: Sun, 04 Jul 1999 19:06:05 -0700
From: Grant Green <>
Subject: FS : Meinl Weston CC Tuba
'Tis done!


>Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 18:39:17 -0400
>From: Christopher Diggins <>
>Subject: FS : Meinl Weston CC Tuba
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>We're asking $6000 can. (about $4000 us)
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