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list                           Sat, 16 Jan 1999           Volume 1 : Number 86

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        Re: Ophicleide Builders


Date: Sat, 16 Jan 1999 22:31:54 -0400
Subject: Re: Ophicleide Builders

Given the price of a new ophicleide, and the sales prices of recent old
ophis ($1000-5000 equivalent at various European and American auctions),
an old ophi restored seems to make a lt of sense.  I have two ophis, one
not presently playable by CJ Sax; the other quite nicely playable by
Association Reunis.  They cost me less than $5000 together.

Robert Howe

Grant Green wrote:

> ----------
> I finally contacted Robb Stewart, the brass instrument maker from Southern
> California.  He *is* still making ophicleides, including contrabass
> ophicleides (along with keyed bugles and rotary valve instruments).
> However, his waiting list is about five years long.  He wasn't interested
> in tackling sarrusophones, on the grounds that the keywork was just enough
> more complex that he didn't want to deal with it (especially as his main
> interest is brasswinds).  It sounds like the price for a new ophicleide
> (bass or contrabass) is in the range of around US$5-7K.  How patient are
> we?  ;-)
> On another note, he's made *two* Eb contrabass ophicleides, and both owners
> have since passed on.  Anyone care to try tracking them down?
> Enjoy!
> Grant

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