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list                           Wed, 18 Nov 1998           Volume 1 : Number 29

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Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 11:49:55 -0500
From: "Ryan Kaus" <>
Subject: Re: thanks

>   I just finished playing the Reed 4 book
> for Music Man (flute, clarinet and bass clarinet). My breath control was
> fine until the last 2 performances.  Guess that baby is just taking up too
> much space.

Congratulations on performing it with a baby on the way, must have been
difficult.  The baby may have caused your breath control, but maybe it was
because it was taxing on your system.  I remember playing the Reed 5 book for
The Music Man which is clarinet, bass sax, basson and I was using a baritone
sax because there was no basson or bass sax.  I found it quite challenging
between managing my breath control and sight transposing almost the entire
book.  After rehearsal and performances, I was quite out of breath and
sometimes would nearly collapse.  But that is nothing compared to performing
with a baby on the way, congratulations on such a feat!

Ryan Kaus


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 12:00:41 -0400
From: Jim Katz <>
Subject: Pretty Ambitious, Jean....

Jean Adler:
"Several months ago I asked about mouthpieces as I am expecting a baby and
received lots of great advice.  I settled on the Selmer C85, series 120
for bass clarinet"

I don't know, isn't that starting a little early? I think a regular bottle
nipple and pacifiers are probably going to be fine for the first few
months, then slowly wean the little Mozart onto a sopranino....



Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 01:43:02 -0500
From: Edward Branham <>
Subject: Underachievers Unite!

I started playing contra-bass clarinet in high school at the request of my
band instructor.   Not that I was an under-achiever, but the girl who was
first chair was way ahead of me, and I was losing motivation to even try and
challenge her (I had been playing second to her for 3 years).  I had made it
into several honors bands, but usually in the second tier.

He appealed to my baser motives --  less competition for honors bands and
scholarships!   And he was right!  I made the transition, and spent my last
two years playing all over the country in various competitions and
invitational bands.  He was right about scholarships too.  I recieved offers
from several schools I was interested in, and even from two schools that I
hadn't even looked at!


Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 12:14:51 EST
Subject: Re: TubaXmas, Sub-Freezing Performances

In a message dated 98-11-16 15:50:36 EST, you write:

>Does anyone know about a tuba Christmas in the Kansas City area?

Kansas City Missouri on Dec 6. See website for details.
Don't know which of six dates are near KC, Kansas.



Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 12:31:16 -0600
From: "Steve Rea" <>
Subject: Re: thanks

Maybe a conference call concert?!

Stephen Rea <>
Oracle Certified Professional in Database Administration
University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

>>> Jean Adler <> 11/16 4:11 PM >>>
Now if we could only all get together and play sometime.
That would be quite the eclectic bunch.  Anybody out there want to
 commmission a work for "low" fanatics?


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