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list                           Sat, 1 Aug 1998            Volume 1 : Number 47

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Date: Sat, 1 Aug 1998 02:47:51 EDT
From: <>
Subject: contrabass sarrusophone

        After 15 years of working at it I have finally acquired a Conn contrabass
sarrusophone serial # v-242 marked usqmc.  It has the original case, but lacks
the lyre which I assume came with it originally as there is a place for one in
the case.  It came with an old reed which still plays, but the horn is quite
flat.  The end of the bocal looks like it has had an additional piece added on
to it, perhaps to narrow the bore diameter further for a reed?
        I know that Jack Spratt still makes contra sarrusophone reeds; I e-mailed
Vandoren to see if they have them and have tried to contact Glotin to no
avail.  I spoke with Mme. Glotin at the Phoenix IDRS convention and she said
she would send one out, but so far nothing.  Everytime I try to visit their
web site it crashes my Mac.  Anyone ever ordered a reed from Glotin or
Vandoren?  I have a reed from Jack Spratt but it is quite unfinished so I'll
try to get it working.  How many people on the list have Conn sarrusophones
and what the ends of their bocals look like?   What reeds are you using and
what's your intonation like?
        I have had 2 bass sarrusophone gigs lately; one it Tacoma and one in
Sandpoint , Idaho.  Hope to have photos soon and a videotape was made as well.
A friend has access to a digital camera and we will take better photos of the
bass and get them on his web-site.  As I have the contrabass restored, we'll
post photos of that as well.
        Does anyone know how the sarrusophone serial # work?  I understand that the
company made 148 for the government and then an unknown number for private
customers.  Michel Jolivet


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